Friday, July 12, 2013

A Day at Ouabache with Friends

Yesterday, we met friends, Dave and Kay, for breakfast at a local restaurant. In the course of the conversation, they asked what we had planned for the rest of the day. We told them that we were planning to go to Ouabache State Park and invited them to join us. So they did!

Dave and Kay had never been there before, but Kay had seen some of my blog posts about it, piquing her interest.

Dave, relaxing and checking out the view with binoculars.

Kay, serving up some refreshments for Doug.

There were lots of mushrooms scattered around the area yesterday.

I liked the interesting leaf in front of this one.
Kay took a short walk, going a little way down a mowed path into the woods. She returned, urging me to bring my camera and go back with her. She had spotted some things that I might want to photograph. I was impressed with the eye she had for what would make a good picture. And I was the beneficiary of that good eye. Here are a few of the results.
Goldenrod with lots of bugs.

This spiny little thing was growing amidst reeds near the edge of the lake.

I think this is an Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly

I'll have some more of Kay's finds in my next post. Stay tuned.


  1. oh, my! kay is a GREAT spotter! these shots are beautiful! can't wait to see more (and tell her, thanks from blogland!) :)

  2. Thank you, Linda and Doug, who take day-trips and reach out to others to enjoy the beauty. Ouabache (Wabash State Park in Bluffton) is so quiet/peaceful and we enjoyed a nice spot right by the lake to fellowship, read, eat and look at the beauty of creation. It was easy to get into the enthusiasm with Linda enjoying her new camera with an SLR lens that can easily get very close to spots of interest.

    You can see in the pictures above how she can capture an amazing photo with what appears to be the slightest touch. Long will we hold in our hearts the special time together and look forward to the next time.

    Those mushrooms look amazing (especially the one with the unusual leaf) and the touch of your camera did wonders with the goldenrod, reeds and Amerwinged Dragonfly.

    Dave also looks like he is enjoying the view even though he was resting peacefully with his binoculars. Doug also is great at knowing exactly where to drive you with his fantastic memory and sharp when we discuss what is on his heart in our great spiritual discussions.

    I, too, will watch for the next episode with piqued interest, and thanks, Linda, for your wonderful gift of writing and learning how to use that fantastic camera to draw people into God's wonder/beauty of creation that is everywhere around us. All a person needs to do is "Be Still and Know He is God." You are dear and special people!

  3. Beautiful nature shots. I might not make it outside today so thank you for exposing me to nature.

  4. I'm glad your friends went with you. Kay has an eye that is as good as yours, and your photos are wonderful.

  5. Very nice shots, i really like this park you have shared.

  6. Wow, Katy found some great things for you to photograph... Those are incredible photos... I especially liked the Goldenrod... BUT--they are all great.

    Sounds like the four of you had a great day!!!!! Yeah!

  7. You and Kay make a good team. What is on that leaf in front of the mushroom?

  8. That must have been another great afternoon spent with your friends. I love the "spiny little thing" peeping through the reeds!

  9. Love the spiny thing! Whatever it is, it makes a very interesting picture.


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