Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pictures from the Reservoir...Again

Last Wednesday, my friend, Pat, joined me for a walk at the reservoir. I've shown you several pictures from the reservoir, but not many of the reservoir. So I'm including a picture of Pat on the path to give you just a glimpse of what our walking path looks like.

Pat at the Reservoir
In recent years, the reservoir has become a sanctuary for several Canada geese that have been injured and can no longer fly. Somehow, they find their way into the relative security of this place. I say "relative security" because there are predators, such as coyotes, who frequent the place. But, overall, the wounded geese enjoy a comfortable existence. The reservoir is closed to the public during the winter, but employees bring grain to help sustain the geese during the cold months.
Occasionally, a flock of healthy geese come to the reservoir for a time, and the injured geese usually seem to enjoy the company.
Several geese were on hand on the day of our walk.
Most of the milkweed flowers have begun to dry up by now, but we found one full of buds that had not yet opened, except for one tiny flower.

Milkweed flower buds
The last time I had walked at the reservoir, I had seen a pair of Northern Mockingbirds flitting in and out of the trees. I hadn't been able to get a decent shot of them that day, but I was watching for them on this walk, hoping for a better opportunity.
Seeing a flash of white landing in a tree near where I had seen the mockingbirds, I took a chance that it was one of the birds I was watching for and snapped a photo. When I looked at it later, though, it appeared to be a juvenile; and I couldn't be sure it was a Northern Mockingbird. I include the picture here, though, because I liked it.

Possibly a Northern Mockingbird juvenile.
This next picture was taken this past Saturday, as Doug and I were driving by the reservoir at sunset. We stopped so I could get a quick sunset photo.

Sunset at the reservoir.


  1. Hi Linda That place looks nice adn peacefulfor a walk. I love the sunset in the last shot.

  2. love that the geese have sanctuary there - but in a natural way. and even some grain tossers during winter. :) definitely looks like a mocker to me.

  3. oh, i really liked your milkweed shot!

  4. Wow, an open environment! best place to walk.
    lovely post.

  5. OH MY---love seeing sunset at the reservoir. I think I'd enjoy walking there right before sundown.... Gorgeous!!!

    Looks like a great place to walk. That's neat about how they feed and take care of the Canada Geese at the reservoir....

    Looked like a great walk.

  6. I love the fact that your reservoir is an assisted living facility for injured ducks.

  7. What a great place for a walk. I can see that if I lived close to this my camera would take here for many a walk.

  8. The reservoir is a beautiful place for a walk. Thanks for sharing it with us -- and for sharing the picture of Pat.

  9. The milkweed looks so nice in your photos, Linda, it's a lovely flower.

    Though your detailed shots from the reservoir are beautiful, I've enjoyed seeing the overall scenery of the reservoir. Good for walking, quick or slow, right? :)


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