Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Great-Nephews, the Athletes

Saturday, the forecast was for about two inches of snow, tops. surprise...the forecast was wrong. We wound up with about five inches of new snow, on top of the many inches already on the ground.

My niece Beckie, my great-niece Bailey, and I had already made plans to drive to another town about an hour away, where two of my great-nephews, Carson and Cooper, were to be playing in Upward Basketball games on Saturday.

The snow was coming down heavily by the time we started, but Beckie was willing to do the driving, telling Bailey and me that she "laughs in the face of danger."

This was the view (such as it was) through the windshield.
The snow slowed us down, so we weren't able to enjoy a leisurely lunch at Subway with Beckie's brother Dave and his two younger sons, Carson (9) and Cooper (almost 7) because the boys needed to get over to the church gym where the games were to be played. But we did get there early enough to enjoy their company briefly before they had to go. Beckie, Bailey, and I hurriedly finished our sandwiches and rejoined Dave and the boys at the gym.

Cooper's game was first, and Cooper made a basket! See proof in the following short video clip:

Cooper is wearing #15 in the maroon uniform. Notice the skilled and intricate maneuvers prior to the basket, followed by the pain-producing high five with one of his teammates down at the other end of the court.

Carson's game was next, but Carson was a little uncomfortable with my posting a video of him on the internet. However, he didn't forbid my posting of a still shot. So here are photos of both of these budding athletes.


They are following in the footsteps of their older brother, Curtis, who is active in several sports, as well as in band.
Curtis (Photo from 2007)
Curtis will celebrate his 14th birthday in a couple of weeks. Where does the time go?

These are three great kids being raised by two great parents (with a little help from a pretty good Aunt Beckie). I'm proud of all of them.


  1. I get us safely there and back in near blizzard conditions and only rate a "pretty good?" Whats that about? LOL!!! Guess I was so busy concentrating on the road I wasn't aware you snapped that photo. I must say, it was an adventure! :-)

  2. Neat, Linda... I'll bet you enjoyed your time with all of those wonderful young people.... Seeing the basketball video reminded me of some of the times I sat through games like that with my sons..

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beckie - Well...I didn't want to overuse the word "great." How's that for an excuse? :)

    Betsy - It WAS a fun day. And I'll bet you DID see a lot of these games, with your three sons.

  4. The video was funner than fun. It brought back a flood of memory past coaching and sitting in bleachers watching another young lad who is now a man. Those were fun fun fun times! Thanks.

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it, GQ. I should have known you would, considering your coaching experience. Aren't they fun to watch at this age?

  6. I LOVED this Linda. I especially liked it that the ref seemed to be the one to encourage Cooper to shoot the ball! It brought back great memories of all the time we spent in gyms watching DD play. Thanks.

    btw, I'm glad Best niece, Bravest driver, Beckie was available to be the driver. And I'm sure even under those conditions, she kept you laughing all the way too. Bravo, Beckie!

  7. How blessed they are to have such a sweet auntie as you...I'm glad you made it there and back safely and looks like a fun game for you to watch. I can tell how very proud you are of them all. Stay warm my friend. XX

  8. Sandra - I noticed that about the referee, too. He was coaching all the kids during the game. The adults that volunteer to help with these games are all very kind and supportive of the little athletes.

    I'm glad Beckie was willing to do the driving, too. I doubt that I'd have tackled that snow on my own. I know it's surprising, considering how funny she is, but she's a good driver. She didn't even get distracted by Bailey's and my burping contest on the way home as we drank our carbonated beverages.
    Lori - Thank you for your always-kind comments. I AM proud of all of them. Beckie and Dave are my brother's children, and my brother died when they were very little. So he never got to see them as adults and never knew their children, but I know he'd be bursting with pride, too.

  9. All fine-looking little athletes you have there, Linda. You have every reason to be proud.

  10. Thanks, Hilary. They're good kids.


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