Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Aftermath of the Storm

Well, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. There was probably about 10 inches of snow. It's hard to say for sure because the strong winds quite effectively rearranged it.
I dutifully went out to take pictures this morning, with the intent of sharing them here; but the snow was still coming down fairly heavily, and some of the flakes positioned themselves on the camera lens. The resulting blur was a complete distraction, and I couldn't talk myself into venturing out again for another try.

But I'll go ahead and share a few of the snow-blurred images.

Above is a photo of a neighbor digging out some other neighbors. Neighbors helping's a beautiful thing.

And here is Doug snow blowing our driveway. The snow didn't handle very well. There was a crust on it from the freezing rain we had gotten after most of the snow had fallen.

This is interesting...two icicles on the same branch, but pointing in different directions.

I hope for all of you that the storm was no more life-disrupting than it was for us.


  1. When it's that windy it really is hard to know how much it has snowed because it blows all over the place. I love the neighbors helping each other...we do that here too...this is the kind of tractor my little man wanted to have so he could drive around the neighborhood and clear snow for everyone. :) Happy digging out and hope you stay warm. XX

  2. Hi, Lori. We ARE blessed with good neighbors. Sometimes we watch those court shows on TV and just have to thank the Lord that we don't have the neighbors that some of those folks do. :)

    I think Little Man is a special little guy. I hope he gets his tractor some day and puts it to the use you mentioned.

  3. Glad you are okay, Linda... That was one powerful storm... We got lucky this time and didn't get anything other than some rain, wind and flurries...

    Great pictures... I love that first one with the snow still coming down...

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pictures! So far, so good. Let's hope we're done for a while. :)

  5. Betsy - It seems as if this winter has been harder on you in Tennessee than it has been on us here in Indiana. So we can't complain about one big storm. And, fortunately, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

    Sandra - Yep. I feel as if we got off pretty easy, all things considered. Of course, the snow plow drivers might see things differently. :)

  6. The sun out today makes it nice. A meat plant closed yesterday and they went around shoveling as a public service club they have. Nice to know we have some out there who enjoy doing for others.

  7. Steve - The sun definitely helps to make the weather seem less dreary, but it's deceptive because it's very cold outside right now. What a nice thing for those guys to do with their day off work yesterday, helping to shovel people out.

  8. I love a good icicle picture, but I do believe that's the best one I've ever seen! So unique! Saving it to my favorites!

  9. Thank you, Ethelmae. You made my day. You inspired me to go out again and try to get a better picture of the icicles in today's sunshine. I wasn't totally satisfied with the image I posted, but I lacked the inspiration to go back out into the snow and cold for another try. :)


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