Monday, February 14, 2011

Could the Groundhog Have Been Right?

Could spring really be in the air? Judging by the activity of the critters in the back yard, it seems possible. The squirrels and birds seem to be enjoying this little pre-spring warm-up that we're experiencing.

American Robin and Female House Finch in the Crab Apple Tree
Northern Cardinal
House Finches

Black Squirrel Enjoying Crab Apples
Someone or something placed some sort of bread...possibly hot dog buns...on the arm of the swing. A robin, in the lower right corner of the image, seems to be eyeing the treasure.

But this black squirrel wound up with it. He wants to carry it away, but it's a bit of an awkward load for him.

So he decides to have a snack from it before trying again to carry it.

But, lest we forget that winter probably is not finished with us yet, here is a reminder in the form of some icicles seen on a restaurant last week.


  1. Great photos, Linda. I love that cheeky squirrel enjoying his treasure. We warmed up yesterday, chilled off again today and we should start warming up again tomorrow. Strange weather but I'm not complaining.

  2. Thanks for some springlike weather. I hope to see it stay for a bit.I tried to get some drops coming off the melting snow yesterday.

  3. Thanks, Hilary. I do hope that bread isn't harmful to squirrels. A couple of weeks ago, we had dropped a whole wheat tortilla on the kitchen floor and decided to throw it out under the trees for the birds to nibble on. Within a minute or two, a squirrel had it and was trying to climb a tree with it.

    It was supposed to cool down here today, too; but I don't think it did. You know you've gotten accustomed to the cold when 35 degrees Fahrenheit feels like shirtsleeve weather. :)
    Steve - I'm glad you enjoyed my little dose of spring. I'll be glad to see it come, but it will be better if the thawing is slow. Otherwise, we may see flooding.

  4. What nice pictures and all right in your yard! The red cardinal sure was a beautiful visitor on Valentine's Day. It is so much fun to watch the birds and critters who come to visit us. They have eaten more seed than any other year from our feeder!
    Wow, tomorrow 57! We won't know how to act.
    Hope you received the get-well/Valentine card.

  5. KD - With your woods and many flower beds, I imagine you're seeing lots of little critters, too. They're very entertaining to watch, aren't they?

    We haven't received your card yet...maybe tomorrow. It was nice of you to think of us, though; and it gives us something to look forward to. :)

  6. Great captures Linda! Love the one of the black squirrel carrying the has warmed here too and we are loving it...even though the little's come in totally soaking wet from playing outside but I'm not complaining. :)

  7. Thanks, Lori. That squirrel literally "had his hands full."

    It's nice that the Littles can get outside and enjoy the snow without the bitter cold. If it keeps warming, though, the snow will soon be replaced by mud. That's not quite so nice. :)


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