Friday, February 04, 2011

Ice and Shadows

I wasn't totally satisfied with the icicle picture that I posted on Wednesday. The sun was shining yesterday, though; so I decided to try again.

I'm just intrigued by the way these two icicles are pointing in different directions, while hanging from the same branch.

This is a closer look at the same two icicles.

This is a photo that I shot on Wednesday, as the storm was winding down. It's not perfect, but the lines and colors make it interesting.

And, finally, here is a photograph that I shot today at my niece's house. The sun was shining through the venetian blinds, casting shadows of the blinds and a house plant onto the wall.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Linda---all of them.. Love the shadows in that last one. BUT--I love that side-ways icicle....????? Wow!


  2. I really like these photo's Linda! XX

  3. Thanks, Betsy. The icicles are still there, but the sun was doing a job on them today, in spite of the bitterly cold temperatures we're experiencing. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.
    Lori - You're a good encourager. Thanks!

  4. Nicely done, Linda. I find the icicles to be so unusual here too. Only most of those are in too awkward a spot to get at them with a camera. I'm glad you're sharing yours.

    Love the shadow and light shot.

  5. Thank you, Hilary. It WAS a little hard to get at these icicles. They're in the middle of a rose of sharon bush.

  6. All great, but I LOVE the one at Beckie's. Also love the mental picture of you standing in the middle of the rose of sharon bush to get to the icicles. :)

  7. Sandra - Yes, if only we could capture an actual photograph of some of those mental images...there might be some money in that. :)

  8. You found some really nice angles and shot lovely photos.I made your pepper soup and it worked well with my roasted peppers.I had a small bowl for breakfast today, HA!

  9. Steve - For breakfast?! Ha! Well, some would argue that soup is probably better for breakfast than cold pizza, and I've done that. Thanks for the kind words about the photos.


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