Saturday, November 09, 2013

Reconnecting with Betty in Dubois

We left Riverton, Wyoming on September 19, with a goal of reaching West Yellowstone, Montana that night. Our first stop on that day's travel, though, was to be the Village Café in Dubois, where we planned to reconnect with Betty, the chariot-racing waitress we had met there last year.
First, however, some photos of the Wyoming scenery between Riverton and Dubois:







Breakfast at the Village Café was a nice break after our scenic drive from Riverton.


In the parking lot outside the café were these two pickup trucks with two dogs apiece in the truck beds. When we first pulled in, all four dogs were standing up and barking at each other in a truck-to-truck rivalry. Of course, when I pulled out the camera to get a picture of them, they ended their standoff.

It seemed that Betty was the only server on duty in the café, so we weren't able to have a lengthy chat. But we were able to enjoy snippets of conversation while eating our breakfast. Then Betty's friend, Leah, obliged us by taking a photo of Betty and us together.

Betty was wearing the belt buckle she won for her second-place finish in her division of the 2013 Wyoming State Championship chariot races.

Here's a closer look at the buckle.
Betty was wearing a similar buckle when we first met her a year ago. When she told us she had won it for chariot racing, we were surprised and intrigued. We've stayed in touch with her since that first meeting, and I've written about her chariot racing here and here and about her packhorse racing here.

You can see in the pictures that Betty's just a little mite, but she must be tough when it counts. And she's a terrific waitress, too. It was so much fun reconnecting with her on this trip.



  1. Those are some really nice scenery photos you took. Betty's buckle is beautiful, and how fun for you to see her again!

  2. HILinda Loved the scenic shots. It is quite barren. I had a look at all 3 links and it was very interesting to see the packhorser rces adn see the chariot racing with Betty. It was great that you were able to meet up agai with her adn John.

  3. I love Wyoming! And how lovely that you were able to reconnect with Betty! Looking at her it is hard to imagine her racing anything!

  4. Those rock formations are quite impressive. I've really enjoyed your trip!
    Chariot racing sounds like a blast! I think Betty would be a fun person to be around. Glad you got to visit with her even if for only a little while. Have a great weekend

  5. i LOVE that you got to see her again! she is a go-getter and a dare-devil, but seems to be a sweetheart, too! that country is so beautiful, but i can imagine, pretty harsh.

  6. Lovely is your photos.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  7. I think it's neat that you were able to reconnect with Betty, and it was good to see that she has continued her winning ways. You had a pretty morning drive.

  8. The countryside is so rugged yet beautiful. That is so sweet that a waitress made such an impact on you.Good waitresses are hard to find and she must be one of the best.

  9. What a neat friend you have made. I love your picture with her; you look so happy. Betty is definitely someone to admire. Awesome shots of the Wyoming cliffs and vistas. That place needs to go on my bucket list. A list which is getting longer, yet my time here is getting shorter. Ha! Have a great weekend!

  10. Interesting how many times you have gotten to visit Betty… I remember your other posts about her… NEAT!!!! Gorgeous photos today, Linda.

    Hope you had a great time on your latest trip.

  11. Hi Linda! What wonderful connections you are making on your travels west! And there was Betty, still wearing that fantastic buckle. What fun! (Your husband is such a cutie! Worth waiting for, for sure :) )

    I love the photos of the red rocks, I just love that. It reminds me of Arizona. They have a lot of those too.

    What a great time so far! And more to come, can't wait!

  12. What are "Daylight Donuts?" Does this mean fresh, as in baked all day long instead of at dawn, which would make them old by noon? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. It looks like such a great time, Linda! It's great that you are getting out and about and meeting people...and having a nice breakfast out, too. I love your photos!

  14. Like that shot at the parking lot with the dogs.
    Wow... Betty looks great in that single bucket chariot.

  15. Have to say I have been in a few daylight doughnut places. I drove 60 miles to visit a bakery yesterday.

  16. What a great trip your having !
    I am enjoying the photos.
    I would enjoy Betty too , sounds like she is a lot of fun !

  17. now that is a huge buckle. i have always wondered if i could wear one like that??! pull it off & not look like a complete silly person. ha. ha!! ( :

  18. Anybody named Betty is all right with me!

  19. I love how you have the ability to take us with you on a journey through your posts. I always enjoy them, and try to apply the same "travel journal" theme to my posts!

  20. I do remember your posts about Betty. Her talent is unique. I can see why you were drawn to her.. horse lover that you are.


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