Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yellowstone: Firehole Falls and Old Faithful

On the morning of September 20, from our lodging in West Yellowstone, we drove down the west side of the lower loop, on our way to see Old Faithful geyser. On the way, though, we took a side trip through Firehole Canyon.

Firehole Falls (Shot by Doug with the camcorder)

Firehole Canyon (Also shot by Doug with the camcorder)

Firehole Cascades

Yellowstone steam vents

Steam is everywhere in Yellowstone.

Crowd awaiting eruption at Old Faithful

Old Faithful at rest

The eruption begins...

    ...and gets stronger...                 

...until it looks like this!


  1. Wow, that last shot must have been a real experience up close. I like the steam that evaporates throughout the landscapes. And Firehole Falls are breathtaking. I hope you will post some of that camcorder footage on your blog. Would love to see it.

  2. i love seeing where you go next - compared to our trip. so fun. i love the vents best ... seeing them here & there throughout the park. Yellowstone is super amazing!! ( :

  3. Yellowstone is beautiful and you have great pictures

  4. Nice shots you took. We were in Yellowstone last summer - It was the first time I had seen Old Faithful since I was a kid.

  5. Oh wow, all the pictures are stunning from the falls to the geyser spewing and looking like an iceberg on land. Really good pictures! I agree with Mersad - I'd love to watch the footage of Firehole Falls if that's possible. If not, it's perfectly understandable. Have a great weekend!

  6. quite the crowd gathered! i saw old faithful so many years ago when i was just shy of 18. love the falls.

  7. Ahhh--I remember sitting right there with you two in 2012 when we saw Old Faithful erupt… Such great memories!!!

    We loved seeing Firehole Falls also… Doug's camcorder takes good photos, doesn't it????


  8. Thanks for the memories. We traveled the same route when we stayed in West Yellowstone. Unfortunately it was fairly smoky when we visited Firehole Canyon. Of course, I fondly remember Old Faithful and the people we met there as well.

  9. Beautiful shots of the area. I'm always impressed with Doug's camcorder stills. So awesome to be able to see Old Faithful. Definitely a bucket list place! Y'all sure know how to get around. :)

  10. Hi Linda! Those steam vents are amazing! I went to Yellowstone as a girl, and I don't remember seeing so many of them. And that BLUE! I'm sure the air out there is a bit thinner and clearer, but that is just spectacular.
    Loved the timed shots of Old Faithful! How can this amazing eruption keep happening year after year? Our earth is so fascinating, isn't it? What a great trip you had, and you are not even done yet!
    Love coming along for the ride,

  11. Hi Lind. Love the series of steam vent shots. Amazing.

  12. Oh how spectacular that was...watching the Firehole Falls and Old Faithful! What a beautiful place to visit.

  13. Amazing sights. I remember being at Old Faithful. Sure wish I could go there now that I have mt own camera.Back then it was only Jake who took pictures.

  14. It was only a few years ago that I first glimpsed Old Faithful and it was far more exciting than I'd imagined it would be.

  15. Linda, what glorious photos!!! Great minds think alike, or so they say. :) I just made a new blog post before I came here, and you and I both had our minds on waterfalls. How cool is that? That first photo is exactly the type of atmosphere I love and could spend a long time enjoying and meditating. Beautiful, Linda!

  16. I was always fascinated with Old Faithful as a child. Such a nifty, predictable, natural event. Lovely captures and what BLUE sky!

  17. Thanks for taking me here ! Loved the beautiful photos .


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