Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chariot Racing...Alive and Well in the Western U. S.

Some of you may remember my chariot racing post from last October. In it, I introduced you to slender, soft-spoken Betty, a waitress in a cafe in Dubois, Wyoming, who races chariots for fun.

Here is Betty again, racing in the Wyoming State Championship races earlier this month.

Here, you can see that belt buckle that sparked our initial conversation with Betty last fall.

Betty placed 2nd in the 3rd division in the Wyoming championships, winning another buckle, horse blankets, and a traveling trophy.

This just shows how close two teams can be when racing against each other at speeds approaching 50 miles per hour.

The traveling trophy that went home with Betty this year.

When the chariot races were finished, a pony race was thrown in for dessert.
Like most chariot races, the Wyoming State Championship Chariot Races were held for charity, raising money for the Shriner's organization, to help three local children. There's no profit in the sport for those who participate. They do it for the love of it and for charity.
Betty says, "It's a rush coming out of those gates." I can imagine. Quarter Horses can leap out of the starting gates at nearly full speed. It would be a rush just to realize you were still in the chariot.
The 2013 World Championship Chariot Races are currently underway in Ogden, Utah. John and Betty weren't able to participate this year because John was needed at his workplace. These days, no one can take a good job for granted.

Credit for the photos in this post goes to Christian Hansen, contributor for the Gillette News Record.


  1. such a cool woman - and a pretty cool sport!

  2. I remember when you talked about Betty last year. That's amazing... I didn't even know that ANYONE did Chariot Racing these days... LOVE it--and congrats to Betty.


  3. I am surprised to see a woman participating in races like this. Guess I shouldn't be,a woman can do most anything she puts her mind to. Have great Sunday.

  4. I do remember your post about her. Very cool. I'll bet you just forced yourself to be around horses. ;)

  5. I remember your previous post about Betty. Thank you for sharing her more recent activity with us. This does look like a very exciting sporting event.

  6. I distinctly remember the previous chariot post. So amazing. Seeing all that dust and the intense looks on their faces lets you know they are going at high speeds. I'm so touched that they do this for charity.

  7. Linda, I like the connection between the slender, soft-spoken woman and this quite dangerous sport causing adrenalin rush. Still waters run deep, right? :)

  8. Theresa - I think you'd like Betty. To meet her in her waitress job, though, it's hard to imagine her racing a team of chariot horses.

    Betsy - I was surprised, too, when I found out how Betty had earned that gigantic buckle. Like you, I had no idea we had chariot racing right here in the good ol' U.S.

    Ruth - It sounds as if, at these races, it's all about the fun and the charity. Everyone looks out for one another and helps each other. Not quite like NASCAR racing. :)

    Hilary - I should have made it more clear that I wasn't in attendance at these races. Betty and I have kept in touch since our original encounter, and she provided the photos and facts for me. But I'd sure love to have been there in person.

    George - It does look exciting, doesn't it? We here in our part of the country would probably have heart palpitations at what they call "fun" in Wyoming.

    Steve - You're right...there IS danger. I guess that adds to the adrenaline rush.

    Gail - I hadn't realized the charitable aspect of the sport when I published the first post. That does add a nice dimension to it.

    Petra - That "slender, soft-spoken" appearance is what surprised us so when we learned that Betty raced chariots...that and the fact that there were such things as chariot races still being practiced here in our country. What a great "chance" encounter that was. I think we'll be hearing more from Betty as she shares some of the other things those folks in Wyoming do for fun.


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