Monday, September 21, 2015

Remembering Snow

This set of photos is from earlier this year, when snow was still on the ground...and, in fact, still falling. The first three were taken on February 21, 2015. A hawk had apparently made a kill in our backyard and was alternating between sitting on it and snacking on it. 




The next three photos were taken on March 24, 2015, a few days into spring, although the rabbit and his robin companions may have been questioning that.





  1. I love snowy pictures. With the heat we had during the day,I am ready for some snow.

  2. I love the snow, Linda, and these photos are getting me in the mood for some! We had a pretty hot and humid summer and I am relieved to begin seeing cooler temperatures. Thank you so much for sharing these photos, it is just what I needed today. :)

  3. Although I love snowy shots I am still trying to find summer here!

  4. A good sign of spring was robins coming in. Now they overwinter in deep forest here in SE IA. As kids we always waited for their arrival, and told every friend when you saw your first one. You have a Coopers Hawk.

  5. Hello, Beautiful photos. It is interesting to know how the hawk safeguards its meal.

    Best wishes

  6. Great observations, Linda! I wonder how far from you the hawk was sitting…

  7. oh, thanks for the cool-down! still hitting mid-90s here.

  8. Ruth - I'm afraid the next round of snow will be here soon enough.

    Linda - I'm glad you enjoyed this little bit of snow. The real thing will be here before we know it.

    Margaret - We had a fairly cool summer here, too...and wet!

    Joseph - Thank you for stopping by and leaving the nice comment.

    Blogoratti - Thanks kindly.

    Petra - I was shooting from inside the house. The hawk was at the edge of our backyard, maybe about 40 feet (12 meters) away.

    Tex - Glad you enjoyed seeing a little snow during your hot summer. :)

    Steve - Thanks for the ID on the hawk. I know what you mean about the robins. We see them here in almost every month of winter...not in abundance, but a few here and there. They must winter nearby and come out on days of moderate temperatures.


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