Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flowers and Flying Things

As most of you know, Doug and I enjoy spending afternoons at Ouabache State Park frequently during the warm-weather months. I probably wore you out with dragonfly photos during the weeks that they were thick there. So you may be pleased to know that there's not a single dragonfly among the flying things in this post.

Most of these images are from recent visits to Ouabache. I hope you enjoy them.

Purple Wildflower and a Pollen-Coated Bee
Purple Wildflowers

Monarch Butterflies are so beautiful. I was pleased to have found one today that allowed me several photo opportunities.



I love their polka dots


Now, this last photo wasn't taken at Ouabache. This was a moth that Doug found on our house this evening as he was scraping paint from our shutters in preparation for having them repainted. The moth startled Doug when it emerged from behind the shutter that Doug was scraping. 

Zale Lunata Moth
Knowing I wouldn't want to miss a chance for a photo, Doug called me to come and see his discovery.

I'm grateful to the organization, Butterflies and Moths of North America, for their help in identifying the Zale lunata moth. 


  1. Linda, I always enjoy your posts and photos! These are beautiful and refreshing.

  2. The Monachs aare so beautiful. Godd shots of them Linda

  3. Lovely shots, I really like your moth find. They have such a short life.I have been tagging the Monarchs a lot lately so have also got a few good shots.

  4. All of your photos are beautiful, but I really like the ones of the Monarch Butterfly. Great job!

  5. Gorgeous pictures. The Monarchs are such lovely insects,(is that what they are called?) and your pictures of them are super.Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog.I do appreciate each one.

  6. Linda, now when the outside temperature has been going down, the term "warm-weather months" seems to be full of memories. :)

    Great captures of the butterfly, I love the details and colours. The purple wildflower in the second photo from the top might be Aster, some of its species. I have a similar one in my garden. As for the moth, it's great Doug let you know about it, it's very interesting. If it was sitting on a tree, we might not be able to distinguish it from the tree's bark...

  7. how pretty! i think moths are fascinating with their patterns and tones.

  8. Vim dizer olá, deixar um beijo
    e também dizer que fiz nova
    postagem em minha página e
    que não é lá essas coisas, mas
    é que se tem para o momento.
    Um beijo, obrigado pela amizade
    que você me deu e, te espero lá,



  9. The color and light in these photos is lovely!

  10. You've captured some beautiful images here, Linda. But then again, you always do. Thanks so much for your kind words on my recent post. They're much appreciated. Hugs to you.

  11. Linda - Thanks so much for the kind words. Sharing my photos is so much more fun when people like you find pleasure in them.

    Thank you, Margaret.

    Thanks, Steve. I know almost nothing about moths. Getting the picture of this one was a rare treat.

    Thanks, George. They don't usually perch long enough for good shots, but this one was cooperative.

    Thank you, Ruth. I agree about the beauty of the Monarchs. And, yes, they are insects. Ditto on the kind comments. :)

    Petra - Right now, we're having a string of perfect days...sunshine, low humidity, comfortable temperatures, and cool nights...just the way I like it! But it won't last long, I know. I think you might be right about the identity of the purple aster. I found some similar photos on the internet with that ID. Doug is very good about coming to get me when he sees something that would make an interesting photograph. I guess I've got him trained. It was actually very low light when I took the moth picture. It was definitely better that he was on the lighter surface of one of our shutters, rather than on a tree. As it was, I had to use a flash to capture the detail.

    Tex - I think this was my first time to photograph a moth. I didn't realize what intricate details it possessed until I downloaded the picture onto the computer and enlarged it a little. I wish the lighting had been a little better. I think the colors would have been more visible.

    Silvioafonso - Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Aisling - Thanks you kindly.

    Hilary - Thanks always for the kind words. The blogging community has missed you. We're glad you're back and trust that things will soon be getting brighter for you.


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