Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow...and a bit of color

Finally, we're getting a decent snow. It's only three or four inches, but it's the best we've had so far this winter.
This is a little area of shrubs around an outdoor light in our front yard. The bush on the right is an azalea that absolutely glows in the springtime. The bush on the left provides a sheltered hiding place for a rabbit. He wasn't home when I took this picture, though.

This little thorny bush is to the right of the rabbit's hideaway. I was surprised to find a little bit of color hiding in its depths. Color is so lacking in a snowy landscape that it's a treat to come across even a little of it.


  1. Lovely photos, Linda. We have about as much snow as this. I see another little dash of red in the top image too.. on the house across the street.

  2. Thanks, Hilary. Those neighbors put that red door on their house a couple of years ago. It IS an eye catcher, isn't it? :)

  3. I LOVE that last picture, Linda. Good work!

  4. Great captures of your snow Linda! Happy hump day. :)

  5. I could send you some snow, we have had over 10 inches in two storms, and perhaps more over the weekend. It is hard to clear, but fun to play in, so it evens itself out. A neighbor brought his blade over for my drive, so I am making a sheet cake for him, using your recipe.I should make 2 but would eat it in a few days by myself.Right now I have the teapot going to have something other than dessert. HA!

  6. Thanks so much, Sandy.

    Thank you, Lori. Right back at you on the hump day wish. :)

    Thanks anyway, Steve, but our four or five inches is enough to satisfy my immediate need for snow. I hope you'll try a little of that cake, before giving it away, so that you can tell me whether you liked it. It helps if you're a chocoholic. :)

  7. Beautiful pictures of the snow, Linda, and the COLOR.... We have alot of snow here ---and NO color that I have seen... Loved seeing yours.

  8. You've had significantly more snow this winter than we have, Betsy. We got about five inches yesterday. It's amazing how a tiny bit of red stands out in all that whiteness.


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