Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Photo

In going through some old photographs tonight, searching for inspiration for a blog post, I came across a photo that made me laugh out loud; and I thought I'd see if it had the same effect on anyone else.

First, let me remind you that Doug and I don't have children. Aside from some babysitting experience when I was a teenager, and some involvement with my niece and nephews during their growing-up years, neither Doug nor I have been around young children enough to interact easily with them.

Well, Sandra and her Hubby have always been generous about sharing their own family with us. In December of 1999, they invited us to come over while their daughter Jenny was home for a Christmas visit, with her two daughters, two-year-old CoCo and newborn LuLu. 

Someone had the idea of getting a picture of Doug and me with the little ones.

Can you look at this picture and not laugh?

Fortunately, a second attempt turned out a little better.

But that first one is more true to life.


  1. Cute ---both pictures, Linda!!!!

  2. You should, Beckie. You pressured to to come up with a post!

    Thanks, Betsy.

  3. I love that first photo is more like how our turn out too..thats real life isn't it? Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thanks, Lori. Glad I could put a smile on your face this morning.

  5. Funny shot, sometimes the best part is handing them back.I always tell kids we used to play catch with them when they were babies just to see the reaction.Many don't believe me.

  6. That's funny, Steve. But, wait...SHOULD they believe you? :)

  7. That is so cute. Coco and Doug seemed to be quite uncertain about one another.

  8. Hilary - LuLu and I weren't any more certain of each other than were Doug and CoCo; we just didn't display our uncertainty as obviously as the other two. If you look at LuLu's eyes, you can almost see a plea for help in them. :)

  9. I LOVED seeing these pictures again. The first one is the more realistic, isn't it. You trying to save the photo op by smiling for the camera, while Coco looks at you like, "I don't think this guy holding me knows what he's doing." and Doug looks like he's thinking, "What smells?" And when you look at Lulu closely, I think that tight little look on her face may say, "It's me!" :)

  10. Sandra - I love your take on what's going on in that first photo, although I doubt that I could have managed that smile if it WAS LuLu that smelled. I think she's looking for someone to rescue her from hands that she senses belong to someone who is clueless about babies.


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