Monday, September 26, 2016

Our Last Day in Dubois

August 16th was our fifth and final day in Dubois, Wyoming. On this day, we went for the second scenic drive suggested to us by the woman at the reservation desk at the Longhorn Ranch Resort.

Trail Lake Road is a gravel road which leads past a series of lakes and through the 12,181-acre Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area, home of the largest herd of Bighorn Sheep in the world. Unfortunately, at this time of year, the sheep were up at higher elevations, and we didn't see them. Whiskey Basin is their winter range. A good reason to return for a winter visit.

Torrey Lake Along Trail Lake Road

Trail Lake Road

Trail Lake Road

At the end of the road, at the foothills of the mountains, we found a lovely wooded area which made the perfect site for a picnic lunch and a little reading.

Our Reading Spot at the End of Trail Lake Road

Back at the Longhorn Ranch Resort, we found this little visitor 

Part of the Business District in Downtown Dubois

That night, John and Betty (our chariot-racing friends) took us out for supper. We had planned to eat at the Cowboy Cafe, but it was closed that night; so we wound up at the Nostalgia Bistro, where we spent an enjoyable evening of conversation during our meal. 

The next day, we left Dubois for a drive through the Tetons and a four-day stay in West Yellowstone, Montana, while touring Yellowstone National Park. 

More on that next time.


  1. aren't you cute!? :) love the 2nd photo. so beautiful. and adorable little bunny.

  2. Linda, I've enjoyed all your posts on your trip to Dubois. They have made me want to dig out some of Goodman's westerns and start reading, again. I haven't done that in a looooong time. (If only I could knit, garden and read at the same time.) Years ago I read books by Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour and various other authors whose names I've long forgotten, and your photos would have fit those books perfectly and made them more enjoyable. More recently I've been reading historical Chrisian novels like The Reardon Valley Series by Dianna Crawford.
    Can't wait to see where you've been next!
    Have a great week!

  3. What a beautiful place, Linda, and I love the 4th photo! The bunny is adorable! :)

  4. It looks as if you had a pretty drive, even if you didn't see any sheep. We'll have to remember the ranch resort when we start planning our next trip out that way.

  5. What a relaxing day in Dubois... I would have loved the little drive on that dirt road... That's just my kind of fun!!!!!! Did you ever get to see the Tetons without smoke around?

    Hope you enjoyed Yellowstone... We just love both Yellowstone and the Tetons.... We hope to go back in 2018...


  6. What a remarkable vacation.I think the bareness of the landscape adds to it's exotic beauty. Nice picture of the two of you doing what you like best.I enjoy my reading all day, but never went out with a book worm like myself.

  7. Thanks, Theresa. The bunnies in Wyoming are a little different than those in Indiana. I think this one is a desert cottontail.

    Toni - Doug and I are big fans of Louis L'Amour's westerns and have read virtually all of them. I'll have to put that Reardon Valley series on my reading list. For the last year or so, I've been reading different series by Bodie Thoene. She's an excellent writer who incorporates historical facts into her novels. I'm reading the AD Chronicals right now and think you might enjoy them, too, if you haven't already read them.

    It is, indeed, Ruth!

    Thank you, Linda. That fourth photo is of Doug and me doing what we love most...eating and reading. :)

    George - We enjoyed our stay at the Longhorn Ranch Resort very much. The breakfast is minimal, but sufficient.

    Betsy - I think ALL the roads in Dubois are gravel, except for the U.S. highway through the middle of town. Union Pass Road is another one with beautiful scenery, but that one was very close to the wildfire and in use by the firefighters. We drove partway up it but didn't go the entire distance. You'll just have to come back next time for the answer to your question about the Tetons. :)

    Steve - As our bodies continue the relentless aging process, we find more and more of our relaxation times center around reading. We love to find a scenic spot in the woods or by a river and spend hours enjoying a good book. And food!

  8. Well, you know how to relax! :)
    Nice scenes, cute bunny and the last photo looks very interesting to me...

    1. Petra - More and more, our "hiking" consists of carrying our chairs and picnic lunch to a place where we can sit and relax and enjoy the view. :) Dubois is a very "western" western town. I regret that I didn't get more pictures of the town itself.


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