Friday, September 16, 2016

From Dubois to Tetons

On Sunday, August 14, since the chariot races for that day had been canceled, Doug and I decided to drive over to Grand Teton National Park, about an hour's drive from Dubois. The drive itself is beautiful, and we wound up spending about half a day making that hour's drive.

The area surrounding Dubois had been the scene of a major wildfire, the Lava Mountain Fire, in the weeks before we arrived. It was still burning, although largely contained, by the time we were there; and the firefighters no longer outnumbered the residents.

The route to the Tetons took us past some of the fire's path of destruction.

The Lava Mountain Fire came very close to the Triangle C Ranch.

We took a side trip down Brooks Lake Road, to get a closer view of these mountains:

Brooks Lake Road (Photo by Doug with camcorder)

Brooks Lake, where we ate our picnic lunch

After a few hours of driving and sightseeing, this restroom was a welcome sight.

The restroom's "library" made me laugh.

The next picture may have you cocking your head sideways. I had to lean over a fence and wanted to get as much of the waterfall in the photo as I could, as well as the mountains in the background. My apologies if the picture makes you a little dizzy or gives you a stiff neck.

Brooks Lake Creek Falls

Another view of the falls not requiring a head tilt

Some hikers on the trail beyond the falls, with smoke visible in the distant forest.

Doug took this photo on the camcorder, from the start of the trail to the falls.

When we finally reached the Tetons, we found the mountains partially hidden by smoke haze, but I had to include at least one photo of these majestic mountains.


After having supper in Jackson, we drove to the top of Signal Mountain. These birds were everywhere up there.

Grouse on Signal Mountain

The main reason for going to the top of Signal Mountain was to get a picture of ourselves there, standing in the same general area where we'd had another picture taken in 1988. Let me just say...the trees weren't the only things that had grown in the intervening 28 years.

Doug and me in 2016

Doug and me in 1988


  1. Got a nice giggle with your before and after shot.What a charming area to explore. Hard to see everything even as thorough as you were.

  2. Love that the two of you found the exact same place for the before and after shot. And both versions look great! I also love the landscapes along Brooks Lake Road. You really need to show us the camcorder footage of these locations. They are breathtakingly gorgeous!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. OH how I love love love that place... You got some great pictures despite the smoke.... We'll have to check out Brooks Falls sometime...

    Love the before and after pictures from the same spot. You both look GREAT.


  4. What a magnificent place, Linda! And I never see a restroom like the one in your photos, so this was quite neat as well. You both look radiant! :)

  5. Beautiful images. The Tetons are so gorgeous.

  6. Loved seeing your photos, Linda. I have say I especially liked your then-and-now shots of you and your husband in that memorable spot. They are adorable. And I think most of us can relate to having blossomed just a bit in our golden years.

  7. oh, my goodness! so cute! beautiful mountains and laughed at the library, too. :)

  8. Steve - I'm glad you enjoyed a giggle at my expense. :)

    Mersad - I had written the location on the slide from 1988 and was pretty sure we could find it again. I don't include too many videos because I know a lot of blog readers don't like to take the time to watch them and also because it's hard to sort through the video clips and pick out a few good but short ones to feature on the blog. I will try to do more of that in the future, though...because you asked. We aim to please. :)

    Betsy - We went back to the Tetons a few days later, and the mountain views were much clearer. I'll share some of those shots on a future post. Brooks Lake Creek Falls are on Highway 26, between Dubois and the Tetons. The parking area for the trail is at Falls Campground. It's just a very short and easy hike to the falls.

    Linda - Those restrooms are fairly common in our national parks. This one was at a campground and picnic area. I suppose the campers exchange reading material this way. Thanks for the comment on the photos of Doug and me. I like "radiant."

    Thanks, Ruth. You're right about the Tetons. And they're even prettier when you can see them more clearly.

    Toni - You made me laugh out loud with your "blossomed" comment. :)

    Tex - There were more books and magazines inside the restroom, too. Too funny.

  9. Quite charming picnic area and I love Tetons, the mountains look wonderful. I've thoroughly enjoyed your before/after portraits from the same place, Linda, they (or rather you both) look great. Such happily smiling couple, then and now! :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment about the two photos of ourselves, Petra. The "after" photo lacked the clear conditions of the "before" shot. I'd have liked to try again when we went back that way a couple of days later, but that would have been asking too much of my sweet hubby. That picnic area was really perfect for us, just the kind of place we love to find.


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