Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shrine Horse Show

Last weekend was the annual Shrine Horse Show in Columbia City, Indiana. Back when I was in grade school, my best friend's father was a Shriner, and he took Connie and me to the show with him every year. 

The show grounds were beautiful, with a grassy hill overlooking the show ring. The hillside was cut into tiers, providing flat places for people to set up chairs or spread blankets from which to enjoy the show. For those willing to pay the price, box seats were available at ringside. Vendors sold food and equestrian supplies.

In those days, the hillside was so full of spectators that it was difficult to move around without infringing on someone else's space; and the box seats were always full.

I hadn't been to this show in many years but wanted to go this year because a woman, Laura, who boards her horse, Cruz, at the stable where I ride was going to be showing. 

Things weren't the same as they'd been all those years ago. The hillside was totally bare of spectators. There were no box seats. Vehicles could park at ringside, where the boxes used to be. The class sizes were very small. During the Saturday afternoon that we were there, the largest class we saw had only six horses in it.  

But it was still fun. 

These first two pictures are of Laura and Cruz. Since Cruz is a pinto, I'm including a photo of each side.

Laura and Cruz

Laura and Cruz
An interesting thing about Cruz is that, although his face is completely white, which usually results in two blue eyes, his right eye is brown.

The next two pictures are of another pinto. This one was a stranger to me, but I thought he was pretty.



The next horse isn't a pinto; but, in the interest of fairness (and because I really liked this horse), I'm including two photos of it, too.




  1. Wow, some amazing horses. I wanted to be there as soon as I saw your title.I am waiting for some of the local shows to start here.Great pictures to have shared!

  2. so very flashy, all of them! beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous horses! Thank you so much for sharing, Linda.

  4. very handsome horses and lovely riders

  5. Times, they are changing… and things aren't what they used to be… yet you enjoyed the event, which is good. :)
    I have just a very limited experience with horses so it is interesting to see how different the pinto horses can be. I especially like the horse in the middle.

  6. Steve, I'll look forward to seeing some photos from the horse shows you attend!

    Tex - A agree that each of them is flashy in its own way. Actually, the last one reminded me of your Zim.

    Linda - Thanks. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing them.

    Margaret - I so agree with you.

    Ruth - They are, aren't they? Of course, I'm a horse lover from way back, so I might be biased.

    Yes, Petra. The only thing consistent in our world is change. The show was definitely different than it used to be, but I did enjoy it. I liked that middle horse, too. His coloring was beautiful.


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