Thursday, June 09, 2016

Carson's Dance Recital 2016

My great-nephew, Carson, was in a dance recital last Sunday. I may be weird, but I actually enjoy these dance recitals. This one is run quite well. There were 36 dance events, plus the finale; and the whole thing took about two and a half hours, including a short intermission in the middle. The organizers are very good at keeping things moving, and the performances are always entertaining.

Carson performed in three dances. The first was a modern dance with an Arabian Nights theme:


The next was a tap dance, with a NYC theme:


And the third was ballet:



I loved the father/daughter dance:


There were pretty and athletic ballerinas, in lovely costumes:



But, perhaps best of all, are the little darlings, just starting their dance careers:



For those who care to watch, I'm including videos of Carson's dances. For those who don't care to watch, I understand.

If you watched, thank you!


  1. he had that 'egyptian neck motion' thing down! wow! loved his small smile in the 2nd dance. great pirouettes by the guys in the last (or whatever a full turn in one jump is called). the last one's music reminded me of sound of music. :)

    i love that he loves it and shares his talent.

  2. Linda, I enjoyed the videos very much! I love seeing dances like this, and Carson looks as if he is really enjoying it! This is what makes the videos even better!

  3. Wnderful to see all thevideo of carson and the other dansers Linda. Reminds me of my grand daughter who wants tobe a danser but now has got Glandular Fever and thaths curtailed her movemnets at danse and school. You were fortunate to be able to take these videos as in the UK it would not be allowed and certainly without permission from of all the parents of the children could not be put on the open web.

  4. I too like a recital. It brings back god memories and expands on the childs artistic talents. Sometimes the emotion overwhelms me a bit.He is a very talented lad.

  5. Your great-nephew is a very talented young man. The little ones are cute.

  6. I'm sure Carson was pleased to have you there.

  7. Tex - I think that smile is because Carson loves tap. He started out with Modern but added tap within the first year or two. Then ballet came last. He enjoys all of them; but I think he has a special love for tap. I had to go back and look at that full-circle jump after I read your comment. You have an appreciative eye.

    Linda - Thank you. He does enjoy it. He seems shy in so many ways, but he has no trouble performing before an audience.

    Margaret - I'm so sorry to hear about your granddaughter's glandular fever. I hope her recovery will be fast and full so that she can get back to the activities she loves.

    Steve - Thank you for the praise of Carson's talent.

    George - Thank you. I love watching the little ones, too.

    Ruth - Carson knew we planned to come, but he had to take it on faith that we were actually there. The dancers couldn't see the audience beyond the first few rows because of the lighting on stage and the darkness everywhere else.

  8. I like the variety of the dances and enjoyed watching all the videos. Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks for watching the videos, Petra. I, too, enjoy the variety of dances in which Carson participates. But I enjoy most of the other dances, too. Going to his recitals isn't a hardship for me.


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