Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Sometimes Life Just Gets in the Way

Hello, my friends. Are you still there? I apologize for neglecting you, but things have been a little crazy around here recently.
Doug's brother has had some health issues. He has uncontrolled diabetes, which has resulted in some real problems, including gangrene in a couple of toes. We took him to the V. A. walk-in clinic, about two hours away from our home, on Monday. After lots of interviews, testing, insulin shots, and intravenous fluids and antibiotics, he was admitted to the V. A. hospital Monday night for observation.
Tuesday, they told us they were sending him home. What??? The guy has gangrene, for goodness sake!
Well, they insisted. We spent lots of time calling everyone we could think of who might intervene in this foolishness and agree that he needed to stay in the hospital until surgery could be arranged. Nothing helped.
So, off we went on the two-hour drive to the V. A. hospital to pick him up and take him back to his apartment.
We arrived at the hospital at 7 PM. His nurse was giving him last-minute instructions for monitoring his blood glucose levels and administering insulin shots at home. He got dressed in his street clothes and was preparing to leave with us when the nurse announced that the patient's temperature was 101, and the doctor on duty didn't want to send him home while it was that high. The decision had been made to keep him there for another night.
So back home we came.
The whole episode seemed reminiscent of the time we drove to Houghton Lake to see the northern lights.
I'm sorry about not getting around to your blogs. I hope to play catch-up soon, but no promises.
We fully expect to play this game again today.


  1. Linda, I am so sorry to hear all this, and please, take care of you and don't worry about anything else. Offering prayers up for you.

  2. How distressing all around. I'm sorry you're doing so much back and forthing. Could you stay overnight near the hospital, perhaps? Keeping Doug's brother in my best thoughts.

  3. thinking about you all. you & your family have lots on your plate. prayers & well wishes coming your way. ( :

  4. Linda, thanks for taking the time to let us know what you're dealing with now. We'll surely keep you, your husband and brother-in-law in our prayers. I'm sorry for all of us that the system isn't what it ought to be...and I'll spare you my usual rant on V.A. care these days. (My oldest brother is a Vietnam vet with PTSD and suffers from effects from exposure to Agent Orange. This brother has gout in both feet and one knee, and when he sought help for it he was told to see his primary physician. period. They didn't even tell him to take an inflammatory med.!)
    Anyway, don't worry one bit about not being able to visit around blogland. It will be there, that is... unless the government gets a better idea. ;)
    Take care - praying right now.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about Doug's brother and what you are going through. It's hard enough to deal with health problems without having to deal with an organization (VA) that has apparently lost all common sense. All of you are in our prayers.

  6. oh, i'm so sorry! i know you must be extremely frustrated and worried, too. i wish this country would put more money into their health care services for veterans!

  7. Bless his heart... Diabetes is a dreadful disease --which CAN be remedied by healthy eating and exercise. Many people just don't choose that way --but it certainly would be better than the health problems they can have (numbness, burning legs/feet, eye problems, etc. etc. etc.)... Hope he can do something to stop the progression of the disease.

    Welcome to Obamacare --which is effecting all hosptals/doctors and ALL of US these days... Such a huge mess. Glad they decided to keep him in the hospital though... Hate to say it but "Thank God for Fever".... ha

    Have a great day. We are busy working in the yard. After the weeding, we are now mulching... Oh how I love spring.

  8. Sorry to hear of the disruption, I hope all irons out well.

  9. A close and dear friend of our had a similar problem and went to the Mayo Clinic for treatment and surgery. All went well and was closely monitored. I wonder about the VA system at times since I often hear unfavorable reports. More budget cutting or what I don't know but whatever it isn't good...:(

  10. As a diabetic I can sympathize with what Doug is going through, but it's ridiculous to ignore diabetes as he must have done for a long time. Sorry you have to go through all this.

  11. Sorry to hear of all this trouble you're having. I hope it all works out.

  12. Linda, I'm so sorry to read about this bad news. Health issues themselves are difficult and when such complications like you had with the travelling and hospital staff are added, that's a real trouble. I hope today it went better, I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. You must be really stressed out. I'm sort of glad he had a fever just so the hospital would keep him. Terrible to say, but at least he is supervised (hopefully). Thanks for the update. I just thought you were spending some time away from the computer. Prayers for all. Keep us posted when you can.

  14. I do hope that this man will get the help he needs and that you will not have to travel that distance too often,without good reason.

  15. Hi Linda! I hope things are a bit less hectic today. Poor guy! I hope he doesn't also have to deal with an infection. It's hard to be the one who is sick, and it's a challenge to be the one advocating for him. You are such a good source of help, God bless you for what you are doing for your brother in law.
    Don't worry about not visiting, I know we'll see you soon. Until then, do what you have to do. It's important work.

  16. I'm sorry about your BIL's health issues, I hope he is doing better now. The V.A. can be very frustrating at times (and there is never a convenient location either!)


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