Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brother-in-law Update #3

When we visited Dennis yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet the lead surgeon on his vascular surgery team. It was really the first solid information we've received to date.

The surgeon would like to do a bypass surgery next week, probably Wednesday or Thursday, taking a vein from Dennis’ left leg and using it to bypass the diseased artery in the same leg. That artery is too damaged to allow proper blood flow to the lower leg and foot. The surgery will involve an incision from Dennis' groin to his ankle and a surgery of 4-5 hours in length.

The doctor believes the surgery can be done and that it's the best option for Dennis, but his whole team must agree to it before they proceed. If it can’t be done or if it doesn’t work, they will have to amputate the leg below the knee. If the bypass works, though, he believes amputating the toes will be all that’s necessary.

As I understand it, the lack of circulation in the foot is working for Dennis right now in that the blood is not feeding the infection. I gathered from what the doctor said that, as soon as that infection gets adequate blood supply, it will begin to spread rather quickly. So they will proceed to the amputation within two to four days after the bypass.

We plan to visit Dennis again on Monday. Hopefully, by then, the surgical team will have made their decision as to whether to go ahead with the bypass surgery and will be able to tell us when it will happen.
Today, Doug and I took a day off from all the running. We spent the morning getting some things done around the house. Then, this afternoon, we went to Ouabache State Park, about an hour from home, to enjoy a couple of hours in the sun, just relaxing and reading. It was quite windy there, but the temperature was in the mid-seventies, the warmest day thus far this year. The day out did us good. It's been a long winter and a busy couple of weeks with Dennis.
I took my camera with me to the park; but, to my disappointment, I found no birds to photograph. Oh well, I had a good book...and good company with my sweet husband.


  1. i am glad you both had a few hours break to relax. i am sure this is very stressful. the surgery sounds terrible but necessary, and i truly hope they can do it and save his leg.

  2. Being out in nature has a way of refreshing and rejuvenating the body and soul.Glad you had a chance to this.I pray that Dennis will get the needed treatment and soon.

  3. I'm so happy that Dennis has such good doctors... Sounds like a complicated surgery---but if it can save his leg, it will be worth it... Bless his heart... So glad he is at that hospital... God Bless HIM. Keep us posted. He is in our prayers.

    Glad you two had a day for YOU today... The weather here was gorgeous also... There's nothing better than Spring!!!


  4. Linda, praise God that Dennis has really good doctors. I am so glad you got to spend some time in the sun!

  5. Good Morning, Linda,

    It has been a while since I read your blog because it has been very busy at our home too. Visiting Kurt, volunteering in Dayne's room, helping with newsletter and bulletin, Kelli and Bandit here, and you know how it goes.

    Dave and I are so sorry to read about Dennis and have begun to pray for Him. It is difficult to read they wouldn't do anything when he has such a serious infection. We can talk more about that together but thankful the Lord intervened with the 101 degree temperature.

    We are also glad you could get away to your favorite place - "Quabache" for a refreshing time together.

    Please write if you have time as it would be fun to go out to eat (with Kelli) and have a chance to talk about everything. It probably has been a long time since visited with our daughter.''

    Love and Prayers,

  6. i am glad you got a chance to get away for a bit & read. some time to relax. ( :

  7. Thank you for the update, Linda. I'm so glad to hear at least one surgeon has Dennis' best interest in mind. I'll be praying the Lord will guide him to do what is best for your brother-in-law.
    It was good to read that you had a day to catch up on things around the house and to relax for a short while, too. Have a blessed Sunday.

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  9. Hi Linda - Thank you for updating us, and I really do wish Dennis the best, and a good outcome on all this. So glad to hear you got a little relaxation time thrown in.

  10. We certainly pray that the bypass will work as the surgeon hopes. I'm glad that you and Doug were able to take a day and enjoy yourselves, even if you didn't find any birds to photograph.

  11. Good for you for taking that time to recharge a bit. It's so important. It sounds like a complicated procedure.. dependent on the outcome of the bypass surgery. I hope all turns out well and that Dennis need not lose more than the toes. Continued best thoughts for your brother in law. And hugs to you and Doug.

  12. Hi Linda! I'm so glad that there might be an option where your brother-in-law might not lose his leg. How interesting that the lack of blood flow is actually a good thing now?
    I'm so glad that you and your husband took some time off. So needed. Just to decompress and enjoy nature and each other. Good call!

    Blessings to you, and prayers for the right decision to be made,

  13. I'm sending prayers Dennis' way that they don't have to amputate.

  14. I hope you got some good news visiting Dennis today. I am keeping him in my prayers and hope all goes well if the doctors decide to do surgery.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  15. Hello Linda! It sounds like medically it's progressing for Dennis and soon he will have some relief. A distant cousin of mine had to have his leg removed below the knee because of a circulation problem and we all thought he would not be able to handle it, but I saw him at the cracklin' cookout and he was all smiles and said he felt so much better. He is learning to walk with the prosthesis and doing great. However, I will continue to pray for the least invasive procedure for Dennis. I'm glad you and Doug took a day to relax and enjoy some sunshine. Thanks so much for the update!

  16. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine! I'll be praying for Dennis. Take care!


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