Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Day at the Beach

During our week in Florida last month, Doug and I went to the beach for an afternoon of reading and enjoying the sunshine, white sand, and ocean.

Fred Howard Beach near Tarpon Springs, Florida

I was a little envious of this colorful beach umbrella.

This seagull was stalking a couple who were lounging in their beach chairs and eating some tantalizing crackers. The bird was watching their every move while intently focused on the crackers.

An osprey was doing flybys.



This hammock looked mighty inviting in the late afternoon sunlight.

And this unusual boat made a pretty picture against the colorful western sky.

We stayed until the sun sank into the ocean.


  1. WOW! I am not a beach person,but these pictures show a place of beauty. I love the sunset.

  2. thanks for sharing all the sights for the day. really nice.

  3. What a great day! Those gulls are so opportunistic. Great shots of the osprey. I'd love to see one some day. With all those sights were you able to get a lot of reading in?

  4. Gorgeous pictures of a wonderful day!

  5. I really like your sunset pictures -- the colors are marvelous. The beach sounds pretty nice this time of the year.

  6. Marvelous shots,what an inviting area to visit.

  7. That looks like a pirate ship out there. I've got my eye patch ready!

  8. Ruth - We're not beach people in the traditional sense, but we enjoy sitting in the shade with a good book and a camera nearby. :)

    Theresa - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed.

    Gail - The gulls are like dogs, begging for a treat. Flocks of them will quickly snatch a treat from an unsuspecting child. I've seen ospreys out west, but it seemed odd to see them in Florida. They're fishing hawks, though, so where better to practice their art? Let's just say that my bookmark didn't move far that day. :)

    Thanks, BB.

    Thanks, George. A week in Florida and a visit to the beach do offer a nice break from our northern winter.

    Thanks, Steve. It was a nice place to visit.

    Stephen - I thought the same thing. Keep that eye patch handy.

  9. Oh how I love sunsets, Linda... When we are at the beach, we enjoy seeing the sunrises and sunsets when we can... Beautiful... Great photos.. Looks like a wonderful beach.

    I'd love being in that hammock.....


  10. Wonderful pictures Linda to see on this winter day. I'm ready to head that way! The sun seems to be setting into an ocean of CHOCOLATE!

  11. Betsy - I love sunsets, too. I'd love sunrises, but they'r so early. :)

    Diane - I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Now I'm hungry for chocolate. Of course, when am I NOT ready for chocolate? :)

  12. Looks like a wonderful day. I want that umbrella, too. Though I haven't a lick of sand in which to stick it.

    1. Hilary - The main reason I wished for that umbrella was for its shade. Those silly palm trees don't throw off much shade, and what shade there is keeps moving!

  13. Replies
    1. Op Ex - It's a nice place to spend a January day, that's for sure. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  14. The umbrella is gorgeous, I love it! :)

    I'd enjoy such a day filled with sunshine enormously, blue sky and sun appearance have been so rare here this winter.

    "Poor" seagull. Could you see whether his patience was rewarded?

    1. Petra - The beach umbrella just added such a nice splash of color to the whole scene. It would have been nice for shade, too, since it could be rotated according to the sun's movement, and we wouldn't have had to keep shifting our chairs to find the fleeting shade of the palm trees.

      No, "poor" seagull didn't get anything from the couple he was targeting...or from us...but he probably found some unsuspecting person to steal a nibble from before the day was done.


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