Friday, February 17, 2012

Florida Birds

Here are a few more photos from our recent trip to Florida:

Sandhill Cranes were a common sight on the Word of Life Conference Center grounds.

This heron was begging food from a fisherman on the causeway leading to Fred Howard County Park.

Notice the focused look in his eye.

Pelicans are certainly unusual looking birds but surprisingly graceful in flight.

Another pelican, immediately after he surfaced from a dive. It was a treat to see this bird repeatedly dive into the water, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch the dive itself.

This gull looked as proud as if he were sporting peacock feathers.


  1. wow! that photo of the heron is spectacular! up close and personal!

    thank you for finding my blog!!!

  2. You got some great shots. They're beautiful. Those sandhill cranes are famous in Nebraska where I'm from because they migrate there every year.

  3. Theresa - You're very kind. It was easy to find your blog. I've seen your smiling face in the comment section of several blogs I follow. :)

    Elizabeth - Thanks so much. Sandhill cranes are fairly rare near here, although there is a migration point not far from my home where they gather in huge numbers briefly. This was the first time I'd seen them up close, though. Love that red head. :)

  4. We enjoyed seeing your fantastic pics of the Birds of Florida...I do believe you could publish a calendar with those shots!

  5. What wonderful photo's ... I agree with Diane, you have a real talent with your photography :o)

  6. Diane - I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, and you're sweet to suggest that they're calendar quality.

    Deborah - Thanks so much. You are always such an encourager.

  7. Great photos! That red really pops...nice detail.

  8. Thanks kindly, Deb. That red patch on the head is really brilliant.

  9. I love the heron. I guess when they're used to having people around, they can be as bold as a public park squirrel. I'd love to see a pelican sometime. They're such interesting birds.

  10. Hilary - That particular heron showed no nervousness around people at all. I suppose some fishermen clean their fish and throw the parts they don't want to the waiting birds. I wish I'd gotten better shots of the pelicans. They're pretty fascinating.


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