Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mama Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

This fledgling robin was on our back patio this afternoon, during a soaking rain.

Mama! What IS this? What's happening?

I don't think I like this.

What are YOU looking at?

Why am I alone? Where's the rest of the family?

Hmmmm. Maybe this isn't so bad, after all.

Yeah! It's sort of refreshing. And I think I hear worms coming closer to the surface. Dinner!


  1. He does look unhappy,but I don't blame him.

  2. Cute little guy --even though he is wet and alone... BUT--he'll learn fast!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  3. Ruth - I think the poor little guy was both miserable and confused. Mama wasn't far away, though. I could see the baby watching her overhead.

    Betsy - He'll soon figure out that rain makes finding food easier. :)

  4. Cute post...I always worry when I think our robins have strayed too far too young! Silly, I know, but they sometimes look so pitiful, like your little guy here.

  5. Hi, Deb. I'm pretty sure Mama was close by and would have dive bombed anything that tried to harm her baby. But I don't know why he was out in the open like that, instead of under a bush or tree where it would have been a little drier. It's hard not to look pitiful when you're out in a heavy rain.

  6. Oh my goodness! Great job with the pictures. It would have been hard for me to let him sit there, even though I KNOW you're supposed to. That's how they learn to survive on their own. But goodness! Poor fella. I really enjoyed these pictures.

  7. Oh what a cutie.. and great photos with adorable captions.

  8. Wonderful to see this little guy! Hope he got those worms!

  9. I agree with Hilary, great captions! It's funny that we both posted about baby robins so close together. I guess it's just that time of year!

  10. Thank you, Elizabeth. I think the little guy would have surprised me with his flying ability if I'd dared to approach him.

    Thanks kindly, Hilary.

    Hi, BB. I didn't watch where he went after the rain, but I'm sure he enjoyed a succulent dinner.

    Thanks, Sandra. I've had the computer shut down most of the day because of the storms. I'll have to hurry over to read your robin post before the next storm hits. I think we've done this before...posted about the same thing on the same day...but I can't remember what we posted about. :)


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