Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanks, Hilary!

When I started this blog, just over two months ago, I did some self-talk, convincing myself that I was doing it for my own enjoyment and that it wasn't important whether anyone else read it or commented. In fact, initially, the only people that I told about it were Sandra and Jenny, who had been the ones who pressured talked me into starting a blog. But, during the ensuing weeks, a few friends and family members became aware of it and began reading it and, at least occasionally, leaving comments.

Like everyone else who has a blog, I found myself checking my stats frequently. Then I found myself forgetting my earlier self-talk.

Sandra has faithfully read every post and left comments since day one. And then Hilary began reading and commenting. Sandra's comments are much appreciated, but not unexpected, since we're friends in real life. But it never fails to impress me that Hilary would take the time to read and comment on this baby blog.

And then, wonder of wonders, today I opened my blog and found STRANGERS commenting on my last post and congratulating me on POTW.  Bless Hilary's kind heart, she had included my post in her Posts of the Week today.

So this is a big Thank You to all of you who visited my blog because of Hilary's referral and an extra special thanks to Hilary for her kind words of encouragement and for linking to me on this week's POTW.


  1. Oh Linda, you're a true gem. You and Sandra are like two peas in a pod.. both fun, kind, bright and both very interesting to read. So how could I not read you regularly and point you out to others?

    Thanks so much for the kind words and linkage. They're so much appreciated. :)

  2. Hilary-Thanks so much. You're always such an encourager. And your referral meant so much to me. I'm still working my way through all the other POTW mentions. :)

  3. "Peas in a pod"? I hope Hilary means the crisp, bright new peas right out of the pod and not the old, wrinkly, discolored ones that have "lived" in a can so long that their pod days are just a distant memory! If she would meet us in person I'm sure she would definitely mean the former. :)

  4. Sandra-You know vegetable analogies are lost on me. Too much like cooking. But I'm sure Hilary meant it in the kindest way. Don't threaten her with meeting in person, though. She might run off.


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