Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Autumn in the Smokies

We are spending a few days at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. We purposely delayed coming until the fall colors were past their peak, partly to avoid the crowds that are here during peak color season and partly because hotel rates drop dramatically after that. We love the Smokies, though, and find them beautiful at every season and in every weather situation.

We were surprised to hear from another couple from home who happened to be here at the same time. Terry and Diane had learned from mutual friends that their visit to the Smokies would overlap ours. So they called us Monday morning. We met for breakfast and spent the day together.

Then, today, we spent several hours together before Terry and Diane started for home about mid-afternoon.

The fall colors are past their peak here in the Smokies, but what's left is beautiful.

View from Campbell Overlook

A couple of Cherokee Indian dancers in Cherokee, NC

A fisherman in one of the many rivers in the Smoky Mountains

A tree on Meigs Creek Trail

Meigs Creek at the Sinks

Meigs Falls

Cascade along Middle Prong Trail

Fall Color at Gatlinburg Overlook

Along Little River Trail

There were a number of vacation homes in the Elkmont area of the national park until 1992, when the National Park Service ended the leases held by the owners. This is one of those homes, now in an advanced stage of disrepair. I just thought this stone fence and path leading to the house in the background was worthy of a photo.


  1. These are such lovely photos, Linda. I'm glad you have your computer with you so that we can enjoy your vacation too.

  2. Thank you, Hilary. Sharing is half the fun. :)

  3. These are just wonderful! I almost feel like I was there with you. Thanks for the brief vacation from my rehab bed. :)

  4. Sandra-I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and the brief diversion from rehab. You'll soon be walking circles around us.

  5. Linda, you certainly captured the BEAUTY of God's wonderful creation in your pics!

  6. Diane-Welcome to high-speed internet, and thanks for making my blog one of your stops. We were so glad to have you and Terry join us for a couple of our days in the Smokies. Considering the beautiful photos you captured, your praise of mine is much appreciated.


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