Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Reveal

Back in July, I showed you a picture of a new entry door we had ordered for our house and promised to show you before and after photos after the door was installed. Well, you probably thought I forgot; but it was several weeks before the installers got around to our project. Finally, it's done. And here's the reveal.

First, the before photo of the outside of the front door:


And then the after photo:


A note of explanation about the above photo...I had to open the storm door in order to get this picture. The storm door is clear glass, but there was so much reflection in it that it detracted from the new entry door.

Here's what the old door looked like from the inside:


And here's the inside view of the new door:


And, lastly, the before view of the house with the old door:


And the view of the house with the new door and a new roof:


At the time we planned these and other improvements to our house, we had no immediate plans of moving. These were just things that needed to be done. And they would be especially important if we decided to put the house on the market.

Things have changed in the last few weeks, though. We have purchased a villa in a small retirement community just a few miles from our current home. As soon as we can get it ready for occupancy and get our current home ready for sale, we'll be moving. It's going to be an adjustment because we've lived in this house for almost 30 years, and the new place is smaller. But we're excited about it.  

There will be more about the new place soon.

Well, as you may have noticed by my irregular posting lately, "soon" is a relative term.


  1. Oh wow! The new door looks great and I'm sure will be a great incentive for persecutive buyers. I wish you all the best in this move.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. We were really pleased with the door. I'm going to hate to leave it behind. :)

  2. The new door looks good and it was interesting to hear about the storm door. We don't use it here... or at least I have never seen any...

    1. Thanks, Petra. I'm really pleased with that new door. Doug and I like having a storm door so that we can have the inside door open and enjoy the light through the glass storm door. There's a screen in it, too, to allow fresh air into the house and increase cross ventilation. Many of the newer, fancier houses don't have them because the owners prefer to have their beautiful entry doors on display.

  3. Love your new entry door. It really goes well with the rest of your home.

    1. Thanks, Mersad. It still surprises me sometimes when I walk by it and see how pretty it is. :)


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