Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bear Lake Road & Wild Basin

On August 22, our first day at Rocky Mountain National Park, we drove the length of Bear Lake Road, which had been closed when we were there in 2012. A beautiful spot along that drive is Sprague Lake.

Sprague Lake (Photo by Doug)

We always love a good waterfall, so we decided to hike the trail to Alberta Falls.

Trail to Alberta Falls

Mountain Ash Berries

Chipmunk on Trail to Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls

Mule Deer Along the Trail

After our hike to Alberta Falls, we decided to drive about 30 miles south of Estes Park to the Wild Basin area of the national park, for a short hike to another waterfall, Copeland Falls.

Lower Copeland Falls

Upper Copeland Falls

On the way back to Estes Park from Wild Basin, we stopped to get a picture of the Chapel on the Rock at Allenspark, Colorado. It's open to the public, but it was closed for the day by the time we got there.

Chapel on the Rock

And now, some video from our waterfall hikes:

I'll have one more post from the Rockies next time.


  1. What a beautiful area to explore. The video made me think as a teen scrambling along the huge boulders my first time out there with a Young Christian Athlete group.We thought if we could run the altitudes, we would become better track stars.

  2. that first shot would be a gorgeous picture puzzle. love the falls, too.

  3. We need to get back to Rocky Mountain in order to see Alberta Falls. The chapel is still as beautiful as the time we saw it.

  4. Wow, Linda, what a beautiful place! I agree with TexWisGirl, your first capture would be a gorgeous picture puzzle! Perhaps even framed and put on a living room or bedroom wall! And the chapel look beautiful, I would love to see it inside as well. The sound of the falls is very appealing and soothing, so thank you so much for adding the video, and the mule deer is a sweet delight! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you are having a wonder filled week! :)

  5. WOW!!! You have some awesome shots here.The first one is breathtaking.Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  6. How nice it is to come home from vacation and find a new post (or two) here. TWG said it best, and I agree, that first photo is extraordinarily picturesque. The falls are amazing, as always.

  7. Nice and interesting photos, Linda. May I ask how far was the deer from you? He doesn't look bothered by your presence at all… The chapel looks awesome and I love the ash berries and the chipmunk. So chipmunks are not just fairy tale characters? :) Nice to see one real in your photo!

  8. Steve - That sounds like a good strategy to me. Did it work?

    Theresa - I agree with you on that first shot. It WOULD make a good picture puzzle!

    George - I wondered if you and Betsy had been to Alberta Falls. I know you'd be down there on those rocks getting the best angle on the falls.

    Linda - Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments!

    Thanks kindly, Ruth.

    Thank you, Toni. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, even though you wound up cutting it a little short.

    Petra - I'm sorry to say that I can't remember precisely how close that deer was. It was close enough to the trail, though, that it didn't seem skittish about the people on the trail. They do get accustomed to the proximity of people, but that should never be mistaken for tameness. After reading your comment about the chipmunk, I realized that one of the video clips I'd intended to include was missing. I've added it now. It's a very short segment, showing a chipmunk begging a treat from a hiker who had sat down to rest and eat a snack on the trail. They're cute little things, but they can be downright pests at times. Nope, not just fairy tale characters. :)

    1. Thanks for adding that video clip with the chipmunk, Linda. Nice capture, funny enough. Please, give Doug my regards. :)

  9. Replies
    1. It really was a pretty trail, LeeLee. Thanks for stopping by.


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