Thursday, July 07, 2016

Battle Creek Air Show

On the Fourth of July, Doug and I drove to Battle Creek, Michigan, picked up Doug's brother, Dennis, and went to an air show. I've mentioned Doug's fascination with airplanes before. It's a fascination shared by his brother.

I didn't carry my DSLR camera because we had chairs to carry, as well as a small cooler; and I was trying to keep our load as light as possible. So the pictures today are all taken from video from our camcorder. I'm including some short video clips, too, because video just seems essential to getting the "feel" of an air show.

Bi-plane flown by Susan Darcy
The paint on this plane changes colors with change of light or angle.

Above is a very short video showing a little of the changing colors

One of the two planes making up the Firebird Extreme Team

The Firebird Extreme Team. The plane on top is upside down.

This Beech 18 is much larger than planes typically used in aerobatics.
However, the following video shows what the Beech 18 can do in the hands of skilled pilot, Matt Younkin.

Ah, but it was the U. S. Air Force Thunderbirds that made the air show special.

One of the jets used by the Thunderbirds was on display.



These two jets fly toward each other at incredible speed and flip to their sides, cockpits facing each other, for the pass. You'll see this in the following series of very short video clips, but you'll have to look fast!


  1. WOW! Linda all 4 videos were grat to watch and these manoeuvres areso dangerous but fascinating to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome post, Linda, the videos were awesome and I love the planes!

  3. Lots of fun, I always like the twin rear wings on the Beech. My father was a flyboy, so we got to ride in a few nice planes.

  4. Must be very exciting to see in real life. The videos are thrilling.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. oh, no, no, no... those rolls and passes... yikes!

  6. Thanks, Margaret. I'm glad you enjoyed the videos.

    Thank you, Linda. It IS fun to see all the different planes at an air show.

    Steve - I'm not going to tell Doug about your flying experiences. He'd be jealous!

    Mersad - Air shows really are exciting. It's just that they're always in summer, on hot sunny days, with no shade. :)

    Tex - I'm with you...yikes!

  7. Enjoyed seeing them. They are wonderful.

  8. The show must have been impressive, Linda, I like the displayed airplanes. As you may know, my father used to assemble aircraft models, I still have many of them at home, so watching this makes me think of him and remember his passion…

    1. I don't think I knew that about your father, Petra. I've tried to encourage Doug to take up building model airplanes as a hobby, because of his love for planes in general. But he says his hands aren't steady enough for the delicate work involved. You should post some pictures of your dad's models sometime. I'd like to see them.


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