Thursday, May 05, 2016

Riding Lesson

I've begun taking horseback riding lessons. 

I used to ride but was never an especially good rider. The last time I was on a horse was when we vacationed at a Colorado dude ranch in 1997. I've missed it. So I called a stable that's located only about 10 minutes from our house, and the instructor, Kathy, was willing to take me on.  

She started me on Levi, a 25-year-old gelding. If Levi's age were to be converted from horse years to human years, we'd be roughly the same age.

Doug went with me recently and took some video. After all, I needed proof!

I hope you'll enjoy these few short video clips. 

In the following video clip, apparently bored with what he was doing, Doug decided to do a little newscaster imitation. Just humor him.

After the lesson, Kathy took a carrot to Levi and bribed him to take a bow.

This lesson was in an indoor arena. Kathy does give my lesson in an outdoor arena when the weather is decent. On the day that Doug shot this video, there was a heavy rain falling outside. The sound of the rain on the metal roof of the barn can be heard in Doug's newscaster video.

There's a tee shirt that I've seen advertised on Facebook. It says, "Never Underestimate an Old Woman Who Rides a Horse."

I need one of those.


  1. You look good on Levi. I hope you get that tee shirt.

  2. Linda, what a great post! I really enjoyed the videos, all three of them! You look great riding Levi, and Levi is a beautiful horse! I wish you all the best in this endeavour! :)

  3. Good for you! Everyone should follow a passion. You look wonderful on Levi - a lovely horse. Doug is a hoot.. loved the commentary. And you're much too young for the shirt. Hopefully, you'll never need this one. ;)

  4. Great to see you riding, Linda, you know I love your effort. Doug's commenting was funny, it sounds perfect in the video! :)

  5. Have fun. I love looking at horses,from a distance.I did grow up on a farm,no horses,but I have never been comfortable around large animals.

  6. i am once proud of you and incredibly envious. if i could ride as well as you did in those videos, i'd be thrilled.

    took lessons many years ago for a little while. got my own horse too soon. continued a few lessons at home with another trainer - but never got comfortable and the fear built up. gave up riding about 10 yrs ago, now. maybe someday... :)

    doug has a great sportscaster voice and manner! levi is adorable!

  7. Thanks, George. Your compliment says more about Levi than it does about me. :)

    Linda - I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos. Thanks for your encouragement and good wishes, too.

    Hilary - Now I want ANOTHER shirt! I'll let Doug know that you enjoyed his...ahem...commentary.

    Thanks, Petra. You're a good encourager. I thought about muting the video because of Doug's little commentary. I'm glad I left it in, though, because everyone seems to have enjoyed it. I didn't know whether they would. Not everyone "gets" Doug.

    Ruth - I was one of those who loved horses as a little girl and never outgrew it. I guess I was too enamored of them to be afraid. I confess, though, that I do approach riding a little more cautiously than I did in my younger days.

    Tex - I so appreciate your encouraging comment. I hope you'll have the opportunity someday soon to give riding another try.


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