Monday, February 15, 2016

A Cool Day at the Beach

We went to Florida for a week last week; and it helped to get me motivated to update the blog, which has been lying dormant for almost two months now. There's nothing like a little Florida sunshine to help overcome the winter blahs.

The primary reason for going on this trip was to attend a conference at Word of Life Conference Center in Hudson, Florida. Erwin Lutzer was the speaker last week, and we always enjoy hearing him. The conference schedule allowed plenty of time to enjoy the beaches, though. And we did.

On Monday, the 8th, we went to Fred Howard County Park. The tide was in, and water was covering the island beach spot where we had planned to seek shelter from the strong wind that was blowing that day. So we spent the afternoon on the mainland part of the park, tucked behind some shrubs growing along the shoreline.

This sweet pooch was focused on his female human, who had wandered away.

I believe this little fellow smelled our trail mix. He became quite the little beggar.

As the tide began to recede, some of the shorebirds began to appear.
Don't you love the green legs and feet of this Little Blue Heron?

The weather was cool during our week in Florida, but much warmer than it would have been at home. The sunshine is much more important to me than the temperature anyway. Sunshine just makes everything better. And we don't get much of it during the winter months where we live in Indiana.

So we just donned our sweatshirts and went to the beach at every opportunity. More photos to come.

I'll be around to visit your blogs as soon as I can.


  1. looks like a great place to be, even if windy and cool. love the little blue!!!

  2. What a beautiful area to visit during the cold of winter.I always enjoy the herons and other shore birds .

  3. Hi Linda, I have always heard that going to Florida (or somewhere in the south) does something to our souls and bodies during a cold, hard winter... Sounds like you had a great time...


  4. I'm glad you were able to get away from the Indiana winter for a few days and could enjoy some time at the beach. Sunshine is a priceless commodity in February for many of us.

  5. Welcome home, Linda, good to hear that you enjoyed your stay in the conference in so many regards!

    The Little Blue Heron looks interesting but I have to admit that I find its green legs and feet somewhat intimidating. I can't really get used to that strange colour...

  6. Sounds like a great time to be in Florida.You can always put on another layer,but when it gets hot,there is no where to go.

  7. Sound like a fun trip and a great conference - having nice warm weather is not a bad bonus.
    Fun pics

  8. Tex, it was indeed a great place to be. I can see why Florida's nickname is the Sunshine State.

    Steve, it really is a good place to escape from winter, even if only for a week.

    Betsy, I think you heard right. Even a week away from winter restores the soul a bit.

    George, I know what you mean. There is a definite shortage of sunshine in northern winters.

    Petra, thanks for the welcome home. Doug suggested that those green legs on the Little Blue Heron might help it to sneak up on its prey. They do look a little odd, though.

    Ruth, you made me smile with your comment that, when it gets hot, there's nowhere to go. So true. There's only so much you can take off. Especially at my age. :)

    Grayqull! How nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in your part of the world.


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