Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Horse Show From 1972

I was recently going through an old box of photos, preparing to scan them into the computer, when I found an envelope containing negatives from 1972. It's difficult to see what's on a negative, simply by holding it up to the light; and my curiosity prompted me to scan these into the computer. (I love my scanner. It's amazing to me that it allows me to scan negatives, as well as slides, prints, and documents.) 

Among the negatives were pictures of me riding in a horse show in 1972. I'm pretty sure it's the only time I ever rode in a show. I'm not sure now, after all these years, what ever prompted me to do it this time. The show, held in a nearby community as part of their summer festival, was very small, with mainly local contestants. 

The horse is my very first horse, a mare named Gayranna (pronounced Gare-Anna). I had purchased her sight unseen from the girl in California who had raised her from a weanling. She was 10 when she came to Indiana and 15 in these photos.  

I love to see the backgrounds in these old photos. Look at the cars!

The Western Pleasure Class



The English Pleasure Class (Some festival rides are visible in the background.)


I don't remember if we placed in the Western Pleasure class. There was a sizable group of contestants in that one. The class size was much smaller in the English Pleasure class, so I probably received some sort of ribbon in that one.

None of these are great photos, but they're special to me for the memories they hold.


  1. Linda, I think your photos are fine! so nice of you to share them. :)

  2. Old pictures,may not always be the best quality but that does not take away from the memories they hold.

  3. Loved the photos of the horses and it is great to have them to remember the fun you had

  4. how neat. and a sweet beauty you had as a partner, too.

  5. What fun to come across these and to be able to scan your negatives so that you have them on your computer now. You and Gayranna (the name makes me want to sing "Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana...") must have made quite the team!

  6. I so enjoy going to horse shows. Lots of traders around me, it is a big business

  7. Thanks, Linda. The photos are old, but they make the memories fresh.

    So true, Ruth. So true.

    Thanks, Margaret. That was a fun day.

    Yes, Tex, Gayranna was the perfect horse for me.

    Hilary - She was a great horse, truly. And now you've got me singing "Gary Indiana."

    Steve - This was just a little small-town show, but it was heaps of fun.

  8. Great memories, Linda. It must be fun to go through these old photos and "discover" their contents once again! :)

    1. It IS fun, Petra, but a big job. I keep getting distracted by other things. But that just makes the fun last longer, right?


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