Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kilbourn Dam and & Natural Bridge State Park in Wisconsin

On our way home from the conference in Minnesota last week, we spent a couple of days in the area of the Wisconsin Dells. On Sunday, we drove through the town of Wisconsin Dells, to get some information on things we might want to do during our short visit. We picked up information on the Upper Dells Boat Tour, but it was pretty cold and dreary that day. We thought we'd come back the next day to do that.

You can see from the following picture of the Kilbourn Dam how dreary the day was:

Kilbourn Dam, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

So we decided to make Sunday's activity a visit the Natural Bridge State Park, not far from where we were staying in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

The trail to the Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge at Natural Bridge State Park, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Doug and me at the Natural Bridge

A little fall color along the trail on beyond the Natural Bridge

It's a pretty drive in the country, going to and from the Natural Bridge State Park, as the route takes you past many beautifully kept Wisconsin farms. On our way back to town after our hike, Doug spotted one farm that had a round house:

Round house on a farm in Sauk County, Wisconsin

One of my favorite things we did on this trip was to visit a sanctuary that is home to pairs of all 15 of the world's species of cranes. I'll share some photos from there on my next post.


  1. Lookingforward to seeing the cranes Linda but the trek you made to the fabulous bridgelooked lovely. Love the autumn colourof thst tree

  2. Linda, what a lovely place to take a nice long walk! The views are captivating, and I love the photo of you and Doug.

  3. What a fun area to play in.Lots of activity going all the time.

  4. It looks as if you had a wonderful hike to natural bridge. The round house is interesting.

  5. Beautiful photos. The natural bridge is gorgeous and that farm looks so neat and tidy.

  6. I love that photo with the red leaves, it's beautiful. The natural bridge looks interesting and I'm pleased you've included the photo with you and Doug so the actual height of the bridge is apparent. You'll have a nice memory!

  7. fabulous farm and farmhouse!!! wow! love the area you found to explore!

  8. Margaret - That hike to the natural bridge was just what we needed after the days of driving and sitting in the conference. We love things like that.

    Linda - Thanks for your always-encouraging comments.

    Steve - There was a lot to do, and we may have left some ofG the best of it undone.

    George - The hike was just what we needed. We were intrigued by the round house but also by the neatness of all the farms we saw that day.

    Thanks, Ruth. The natural bridge was fun to see, and we were impressed with tidiness of all the farms.

    Petra - I don't really like to include photos of myself, but it does help to give perspective to the natural bridge. And you're right that such photos make good memories.

    Tex - It was you I thought about when we saw the round farmhouse, since your own house is uniquely shaped.


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