Sunday, March 09, 2014

A Look Back at Fall

The first week of November, 2013, Doug and I and our friend, Pat, spent several days at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.
The fall color season draws huge numbers of visitors to the Smokies in October, making lodging rates in the area ridiculously expensive. Since those rates drop drastically the first week of November, that's when Doug and I usually make our fall visit to this national park. By that late in the season, the colors are usually completely gone in the higher elevations and past their peak in the lower elevations, but there's always enough color remaining to charm the senses.

Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse
According to Wikipedia, the Little Greenbrier School, built in 1882, functioned as the community school until 1936. During that time, it also served as the house of worship for a Primitive Baptist church. We've never seen the building this dark before. Apparently, the Park Service had recently given it a darker coat of stain.

Little Greenbrier Cemetery, near the schoolhouse

This old barn can be seen from the road leading into the national park from Wears Valley.

This is the house that goes with the barn.

These trees were in a rest area where we stopped on our way to Tennessee.


  1. wow, you visited in a great time. those colors are so memorable. wow weeee!! ( :
    i love the Smokey mtns. a great location to visit any old time.

  2. oh, my... color just washed the gray out of my eyes. :)

  3. It is very beautiful there. I really like your photos of the old house and barn. That last photo is rich in fall colors! Well done, my friend!

  4. Vibrant colors to be remembered. I would like to see summer bloom there in June

  5. Seeing those old buildings,I have to wonder what kind of life the fails had that lived in them.

  6. The area must look stunning in full autumnal colours and at the moment even the rest of the colours seems incredible charming. :)
    I liked the fenced cemetery, so simple but meaningful.

  7. There's still a lot of wonderful color to be seen. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So beautiful, Linda! The first and last photos, especially, are breathtaking!

  9. We tend to avoid the Smokies in October as well, but we'll visit several times at other parts of the year. You did show some of our favorite places in this post.

  10. Oh yes, my favorite place on earth. Love all your photos, and I've never seen the schoolhouse that dark. The trees in the last photo are stunning. Thank you for sharing, Linda.

  11. So beautiful, Linda. Such charm.

  12. Hard to decide if Nature goes all-out more for autumn or spring...why decide...both gorgeous

  13. Absolutely beautiful!! Autumn is my favorite time of year. Can't wait to travel to the east coast and photograph these one day. Love those fiery orange trees in that last shot.


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