Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great Blue Heron

Today's post features some photographs of Great Blue Herons seen during our Florida vacation last month.

Strutting past a group of Black Skimmers



In silhouette


  1. wow, i enjoyed this post ... always enjoy a heron no matter what age. ( :

  2. fabulous!!! love the handsome struts and poses and the gorgeous silhouette!

  3. Superb photos! I really like all of them, but that first one really speaks to me. LOL

  4. Lovely birds, they are more passive while down south in the surf.

  5. I like your framing of all those shots. Great eye.

  6. This is a great photo set, Linda. The first one is really cool; love that strut in front of those skimmers.
    What great color you captured the third one - beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wonderful, Linda. I love herons!

  8. The first word that came to me was "fabulous" but when I scrolled down I saw it was already in the comments. Boo. I hate when someone beats me to my preferred adjective. :) Gorgeous shot of the immature, and the silhouette is a fine image. Those skimmers are so interesting; I'd love to see one (or a bunch) some day.

  9. Beautiful pictures. I am still waiting for that perfect shot of this bird. Maybe this summer?

  10. I've never seen a Heron in person, but I love to view pictures of them. The adults are SO pretty! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us, Linda. This way I get to see a lot of places and beauty I've never seen, and yet, I don't tire from traveling because you've done that for me. :)

  11. Its interesting to see them wait for their prey..... absolutely still.
    Like that last picture. The perfect silhouette.

  12. Super photos of the Heron.
    Love the silhouette !

  13. Hi Linda! Do you have a huge lens or something? How do you take such close photos and not startle the birds? These are all so lovely, and just a little different in composition. (Love the blue color on the adult!)

    Blessings on your Sunday :)

    1. Ceil, thank you for the kind words.

      This is my first DSLR, purchased at the end of May, 2013, so I’m still learning. The only lenses I have are the “kit” lenses that came with the camera. One is 18mm-55mm, and the other is 55mm to 250mm. This camera really does do a good job, though, allowing me to crop the photos after the fact and get in a little closer that way. The adult heron in the post wasn’t very far from me...maybe about 20 feet. The others were all further away.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the birds. It was a rare opportunity for me to see and photograph so many of them.

  14. Lovely photos, Linda, most of all I like the first two. In the first one all the birds seem going in the same direction and the variety and number of them make it a bit funny and a lot interesting. The immature heron looks great, I like its individuality. :)

  15. You got some great shots of one of my favourite birds. I'm looking forward to their return.. if this lake will ever be liquid again.

  16. Oh and that silhouette shot is a true beauty. Love it.


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