Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Assorted Photos From Our Smokies 2013 Trip

On Monday, May 5, after driving the Roaring Forks Motor Nature Trail, we drove to the nearby Douglas Dam for a picnic lunch and an afternoon of reading.

Douglas Lake from the Douglas Dam Overlook
We didn't get much reading done, though, as we were frequently distracted by the large birds flying over the lake. It was difficult to get pictures because of the distance, but that never stops me from trying. The following image, of a crow chasing a hawk, is not sharp; but I still liked it.
Crow chasing a Red-tail Hawk
Back at our hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we were treated to a lovely sunset view from our 7th-floor balcony.
Sunset over Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
The sunset reflecting on some of the hotels and condos in Pigeon Forge
An enormous King Kong sits atop the Hollywood Wax Museum in the lower left corner of the above photo. I zoomed in on him in the photo below. Both pictures were taken from the balcony of our hotel room.
King Kong on the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge

Above is a view of King Kong from the front, as we drove down the Parkway a few days later.
On Tuesday, the 6th, we drove down Little River Road toward Cades Cove and just had to stop at The Sinks to see how it looked with all the recent rainfall.
The Sinks
This is a look at the river from the other side of the bridge at The Sinks.
Just a mile down the road from The Sinks, and easily viewed from the roadway, is Meigs Falls.

Meigs Falls


  1. Hi Linda, I always enjoy seeing photos of your Smokies visit. The sunset was fabulous.. AND--there was a ton of water in the river/falls, wasn't there? Wow!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. king kong is pretty cute! that sunset is gorgeous! so are the falls.

  3. That sunset is breathtaking. King Kong appears to be holding up and holding on well.

  4. Betsy - You and George should make a waterfall run to the Smokies right now. The water is really flowing.

    Theresa - I was just impressed that my camera would reach out far enough to capture King Kong from the hotel balcony. Glad you enjoyed the sunset and falls.

    Stephen - Thanks...that sunset was glorious.

  5. I enjoy taking these mini vacations through your pictures. Beautiful area for sure.

  6. What a stunning sunset.. just for you. And that zoom of yours really is impressive .. King Kong's butt was practically in your hotel room.

  7. Ruth - I thought of you when I snapped that picture of the hawk. :)

    Hilary - Thanks...that sunset was awesome. Too bad King Kong wasn't facing us. That was one big butt. :)

  8. Oh my! You had me at the first shot and they kept getting better. The hawks, the sunset, King Kong--some amazing photography!

  9. It looks as if you had some wonderful weather while you were in the Smokies. We really enjoy visiting and driving along river when there is plenty of water flowing over the rocks and waterfalls. Your sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Gail - You're such an encourager. I should keep your comments and pull them out when I'm having a down day. :)

    George - We did have good weather, especially considering that the forecast wasn't so good. Judging by the rivers and waterfalls, there had been a lot of rain there recently.

  11. A picnic lunch and an afternoon of reading... sounds great, Linda, though you couldn't have accomplished that the way you had expected. Never mind.

    The sunset is lovely and I also like the reflection of the sunset on the hotels. And it is interesting to see the King Kong both from behind and from the front view, I can imagine the impression better. Such a huge beast. :)

    1. Petra - Those picnic lunches and afternoons of reading are among our favorite Smoky Mountain activities. We have several favorite places where we like to spend a few hours enjoying the solitude.

      As for King Kong...I'm glad he's not real. :)


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