Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Camcorder Stills

We're so pleased with our new camcorder, and one of the features we love is that we can snap a still shot while shooting a video, with no interruption to the video. Another great feature is that we can snap a still picture from a video while playing it back.

This post features still shots from the camcorder, obtained during our November visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The river we found on the day we followed a Quiet Walkway trail

Lynn Camp Prong Cascades on Middle Prong Trail

Snow and Fog on Newfound Gap Road, shot through the windshield

Red Tree at Scenic Overlook on Laurel Falls Trail

Along Little River Trail

Red Leaves Along Little River Trail

Scene Near Deep Creek Area of the National Park


  1. Wow---that Camcorder does take great still shots... You are gonna make me want one!!!!! ha....

    OH--don't we all just love the Smokies...

    Great photos.

  2. Those are amazing shots for a camcorder. I like the idea of being able to take shots from the video.. after the fact, is that? Like getting a second chance to snap a photo, long after you've moved on.

  3. The possibility of taking a photo long after coming home seems tempting and may come in handy. Sometimes you may see in a video what you hadn't noticed at the spot, right?

  4. This was one of the draws for me with digital cams. You can catch some action shots that would have been missed.

  5. it does a great job (as does its user!) really pretty colors and scenes!

  6. Betsy - When we travel, Doug usually takes video while I take stills. It works well for us. The neat thing about this camcorder is that we can capture a still from the video if I didn't get a good shot at the time.

    Hilary - Yes, that's it. The picture in this post, of the horse in the pasture with the golden trees in the background, was captured, after the fact, from video shot from the moving car.

    Petra - Yes, it gives you another chance at shots you may have missed with your still camera. Often, as with the bear that was moving quickly through the woods, there isn't time to get in position for a good still capture. With this camcorder, if you can get video, you have a chance of getting a decent still from the video.

    Steve - It's a great feature, isn't it?

  7. Amazing pictures. Sounds like this camcorder has great features.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. The camcorder has exceeded our expectations. :)

  8. Outstanding photos! I can see you are making the most of your new camera!

    1. Thanks kindly, BB. Yes, we are making the most of that camcorder.

  9. I'm very impressed with your camcorder as well. The still photos are marvelous. If you hadn't said anything, I would have thought you got these pictures with your regular camera.

    1. Thanks, George. We were pleasantly surprised with it. The price was very reasonable.


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