Monday, September 10, 2012

Reliving the Past with a New Toy

I have a new toy. It's a photo scanner that allows me to scan slides. 

We have about 16 slide carousels filled with slides. We do have a slide projector, but it's inconvenient to get it out and set up a screen every time we feel like looking at those pictures. So now I can scan them into the computer to preserve them, to print copies if I choose, and to post to my blog to share with you, my blogging friends. Aren't you lucky?

The first slides out of the carousel and into the scanner were an odd assortment of pictures taken nearly 30 years ago.

This is a self-portrait. There is a little nature preserve that I used to visit in those days, and I usually had the place all to myself. That's where this picture was taken, in 1983, using the self-timer, with the camera balanced precariously on a stump or a rock or a tree branch. I remember the scramble necessary to get from the camera over the fallen branches to stand next to that tree stump before the time elapsed and the camera snapped the photo.

I don't remember where this old barn was, but this is another image from 1983.

A Napping Sow. Doesn't that look like a smile on her face? Wonder what she's dreaming about.


  1. 1st, the photo of you reminded me so much of my sister - no wonder i like you! :)

    the barn is sweet, but that sow is adorable!

  2. Great new toy. Slides are too cumbersome to deal with now,so get them on the computer and relive those times.

  3. I think the smile says," Go ahead, I'm ready for my close-up."

  4. Neat, Linda.... I will look forward to seeing lots of your old slides now.... Love it!!!

    See you soon. Drive safely.

  5. Slides were unique to shoot, I shot them until 03 when I had to send them out of state to develop.I donated mine to a school who studied the prairie and was very happy to get them.Your toy sounds fun.

  6. I guess the new toy will keep you busy for some time ahead :)

    I remember that slides were quite popular in certain period, especially because they were cheaper than printed photos here. It's surely best nowadays to transform them into digital pictures so that they can be viewed and shared easily, what hidden memories you may find!

    1. Petra, I remember that it was cheaper to develop slides, but I think the slide film was more expensive than print film. So it probably balanced out to some extent. Film is a distant memory now that we have digital. I’ve already found a few hidden memories and look forward to finding more.

  7. How awesome that you are able to scan slides in and enjoy your pics once again, the normal way. :) In that first shot you don't even appear out of breath, so that was quite an efficient scramble. Love the smile on the sow. :)

  8. That's a toy I need. My Dad shot hundreds of slides when my sister and I were wee ones. I'd love to see those in digital. I love the image of you, Linda. You'd never know you just ran back there and donned your casual post. ;)


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