Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Evolution of Hair...Mine, That Is

This is a picture of me as a little girl. The blond hair was natural. The curls were not. No eyeglasses; no contact lenses. Just half blind and no one knew.

This is my high school senior picture. The mousy brown hair color was natural. The waves were not. The glasses were stylish then. Trust me on that.

This was taken some time after high school. The straight hair was natural. The blond color was not. Glasses replaced by contact lenses.

This one was taken in 1986, when I was 42. That woman in the picture with me, with the thick dark hair with a tiny patch of gray in the front, was my great-aunt, who was almost 77 years old. The hair color was natural for both of us.

This one is from 1991, shortly before I began coloring my hair. I had thought I was okay with turning gray...until some thirty-something guy we met on a trail in the Smokies seemed to think I was old enough to be his mother. I was...but that's beside the point.


This was taken in 1997. Look, gray!

This one was taken in 2002. The hair length was getting shorter, and I had stopped getting it permed.

This was my first profile picture for my blog, taken in 2010. Glasses are back. Contacts could no longer fully correct my vision.
And this is the latest photo of me. It was taken a few days ago. I decided in January that it was time to see what was under the hair color. It has taken several months to grow it out. It's still a shock to me when I walk past a department store mirror and see my reflection. Fortunately, I don't shop much.

Recently, Doug dropped me off at the door of a restaurant so I could go in and get a table while he parked the car. But then he couldn't find me when he came in. He didn't recognize me with my gray hair.

The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. (Prov. 16:31)


  1. You are a beautiful lady, Linda, no matter what color your hair is....

  2. You're just getting better and better, a fine wine not yet at its zenith.

  3. linda, as i've told you, i LOVE your beautiful white hair! this post was so much fun to see you throughout your life. loved your comments, too. you are one beautiful woman.

  4. What a fun stroll down memory lane. I think you look beautiful in all your different stages. I stopped coloring my hair in 2008. I wanted to know after 20+ years what God had blessed me with, for I couldn't remember. It seemed too dark at first, but I've finally come to peace with it, and actually like it along with the gray strands that break up all the dark. Yay for natural hair!

  5. It is funny how people sometimes interpret age through hair color. I have one friend the same age and all white that i often tell he is my father, and he bristles.

  6. I love those silver/white hair. We have earned each one of them.

  7. Good for you for showing your true colour, Linda. I can't say whether I'll want to colour my hair at some point or not. I've never done that so far. If it looks as great as yours, I'll be inclined to continue keeping it au naturel! Thanks for sharing your photos. That was fun. :)


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