Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Mini-Vacation

Doug and I were taking our customary walk in the cemetery across the road from our house this morning, when he commented that he didn't really have any projects planned for today. So I suggested a mini-vacation.

We have taken mini-vacations before, where we just pack some snacks and drinks in a cooler, grab a favorite book, load some camping chairs in the minivan, and head for some relaxing place where we can have a picnic lunch and enjoy an afternoon of reading in the great outdoors.

Today, we were joined by our friend, Pat. When we told Pat we were thinking about going to Ouabache (pronounced "Wabash") State Park, she was thrilled. She had fond memories of going there with family when she was young and climbing the 100-foot (30 m) fire tower.

So that was the first place we went when we reached the park. Pat and Doug both climbed to the top. As we've already established on this blog, my mama didn't raise no fools; so I kept my feet firmly planted on solid ground. Besides, someone had to take the pictures. Right? Of course right.

Doug and Pat, about halfway up on their climb to the top

A closer look shows their undaunted spirit.

The thrill of victory
After the two adventurers had enjoyed their triumphal climb to the top of the old fire tower, we looked for a good spot to set up our chairs and spend the rest of the afternoon.

We found this lovely shaded spot on the shore of the lake.
There was a very pleasant breeze blowing across the water, which helped to make the 90-degree temperature bearable. Looking up from our reading from time to time, we could enjoy the sights of others enjoying the day in canoes or on paddle boats.

This group intrigued us because they were Amish, but they weren't quite like the Amish among whom we live. The girls were wearing Hawaiian Leis around their necks. And the guys' hats were...well...not exactly traditional Amish attire.
I rest my case.
The other thing that kept distracting us from our books was the loud rattling cry of multiple Belted Kingfishers. The calls of these birds were all around us, but it was next to impossible to look up quickly enough to see one. Finally, one landed in a tree a great distance from us; and I was able to capture a few images with a 20x zoom.



After the Kingfisher left his branch in the tree, I took the following picture of the tree, without any zoom, to show you how far he was from where we were sitting. He had been on the curved bare branch in the middle of that distant tree.



  1. Looks like the perfect way to spend a day.Yes,of course,someone had to stay on the ground to get those pictures. had I been there,I would have been standing firmly,right beside you. :)

  2. i love those birds. we get a couple here - and yes, they are rattly things!

    glad you and your friend had a great little mini-escape!

  3. Wow---glad you had a great day on your 'mini-vacation'... Don't you just love days like this????

    What a gorgeous place... I'd definitely be climbing up all of those steps!!!!! ha

    Yes---that is definitely not traditional Amish dress.... Wooooooo.


  4. It looks like you all had a wonderful time at a beautiful place.
    Great memories.

  5. A spontaneous break can sometimes be the best. That's quite a climb up that tower. Bet the view was worth it.

  6. Ruth - You and I think alike. :) It was really a perfect way to spend a very hot day. Very relaxing.

    Tex - The Belted Kingfisher is a hard bird to photograph, so I was thrilled to get these shots, even at so great a distance.

    Betsy - I do love days like that. Enjoyable and relaxing. I may try the tower on another day. I've been having some knee trouble and didn't want to aggravate things. Besides, it was HOT!

    Stephen - We really did have a nice time. I think we'll be going back there again someday.

    Keith - The climbers did say the view was good from the top. They also said it was cooler up there. Since I'm not fond of heat, that might be a better incentive for me. :)

  7. What a nice day! Eddie and I took a "mini-vacation" to the beach the other day. It's so nice just to getaway for a bit and relax!

  8. Elizabeth - Your day with Eddie sounds just as nice. You must write a blog post about it. :)

  9. Interesting water-tower and also the Amish attire. So glad Pat and Doug made the climb to the top without delay. The birds were interesting too, but most of all it must have been fun to see what is close-by in God's beautiful creation.

  10. KD - Yes, the water tower was interesting, and it was kind of neat that Pat remembered climbing it as a kid. We really enjoyed our little day away and will probably visit that park again. By the way, we ate at the hospital on our way home. :)

  11. Good for Doug and Pat for climbing the tower. That boat with the modified Amish folk is wonderful as are your shots of the Kingfishers. They're elusive birds and not easy to capture. You did a fine job with your zoom.

  12. Thanks, Hilary. I guess I'll have to climb that tower on our next visit. Hopefully, the day will be a bit (or a lot) cooler.

  13. Thank You for sharing your day with pictures and comments!
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Min fotogen - Thanks so much for the visit and the kind words.


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