Monday, January 02, 2012

November Sunset

I don't know whether it's due to the holidays or a lack of inspiration or just plain laziness on my part, but you may have noticed that I've been neglecting the blog lately. So sorry to all of you faithful folks who come here looking for some little tidbit on a regular basis.

I'm still not feeling inspired, but I thought I'd share a photograph from a couple of months ago. We had gone to visit Doug's brother in a neighboring state and were enjoying a ride through the countryside after going out to supper together.


The sunset was beautiful in its own right, but the flock of geese just added another dimension.


  1. That is wonderful, The geese do add that perfect touch.

  2. It's a picture you can practically fly into. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Great sunset picture, Linda... Love the colors in that one.

    Happy 2012.

  4. The picture is just ... glorious!

  5. Thanks, Ruth. I had been admiring the sunset from the moving car without reaching for my camera; but, with the appearance of the geese, I could no longer resist.

    Thank you kindly, Stephen. My pleasure.

    Thanks, Betsy. It's amazing how different each sunset can be. Happy 2012 to you, too.

    Thanks so much, Deborah.

  6. Beautiful, Linda.. the colour.. the motion.

    Your fewer posts comfortably coincides with my slowdown in visits. ;)

  7. Hilary - Thanks for the kind words. As for my fewer posts...what can I say? Without your encouragement, I just lose the will to post. :) I'm trying to do better, though. Guess I need to take another trip.

  8. I thought I had commented on this, but I don't see one.

    This is absolutely gorgeous. And, you're right, the birds just make it all the more beautiful. Great photography, friend.


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