Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 34...Continued...Yellowstone National Park

Yesterday's post covered part of the 34th day of our Alaska trip, which involved a visit to Yellowstone National Park on our way home from Alaska. This post is a continuation of that one.

The day was September 10, 2007; and we were touring Yellowstone with our friends, Larry and Jeannette, who just happened to be visiting the park at the same time. In addition to our sightings of elk, a black bear, and coyotes, about which I posted yesterday, we also visited the Yellowstone Canyon overlooks.

100_0915-Yellowstone NP-Yellowstone Canyon
Yellowstone Canyon

100_0917-Yellowstone NP-Yellowstone Canyon & Falls
Yellowstone Canyon and Lower Falls

Of course, there was also a visit to Old Faithful. At the Visitor Center there, we learned that Riverside Geyser was due for an eruption at 10:40 a.m., give or take 30 minutes. It was then 10:10 a.m., and Riverside was a walk of a mile and a quarter away. It took us a half-hour to get to the geyser, but we were in time to see the eruption, which lasted about 20 minutes.

100_0844-Yellowstone NP-Riverside Geyser
Riverside Geyser

The walk back to Old Faithful was slower. We went to the cafeteria for lunch, then watched an eruption of Old Faithful from the porch.

100_0853-Yellowstone NP-Old Faithful
Old Faithful Geyser

100_0937a-Yellowstone NP-Bison
And then there was this large and in-charge buffalo to close out the day's sightseeing.


  1. Beautiful sights. They bring back memories of when my husband,son and I were there,many years ago.

  2. Just today there was a segment about Old Faithful on Sunday Morning. What a sight. How nice that your friends were there at the same time!

  3. The getsers are awesome. I went there right away. Have a buffalo burger while around there?

  4. Ruth - If I brought back some happy memories for you, I'm glad.

    Elizabeth - It was such a blessing to have Larry and Jeannette there at the same time. They have a travel trailer, so they could leave it hooked up while sightseeing in their truck. The day that they drove us all around provided a wonderful break for Doug, who would have had to unhook Harvey to go sightseeing, then hook him up again at the end of the day.

    Steve - I really didn't have much interest in the geysers until I saw them. They really are awesome...and a bit addictive. Nope, no buffalo burgers, although I think our friend, Larry, had buffalo meatloaf at the cafeteria.

  5. I was so fascinated with the concept of Old Faithful and other geysers when I was a child. I would have loved to have seen it first hand. Of course your fine photos are an experience in themselves.

  6. Hilary - Thanks for the kind words about the photos, but nothing can take the place of experiencing the geysers first hand. The anticipation builds as the steam begins to billow; then the bubbling water begins to spill from the opening; and, finally, the hot water gushes from the opening in a steaming tower. It's pretty awesome. You need to come to the States and see this for yourself. :)


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