Friday, August 19, 2011

Rose of Sharon Blossoms and A Dragonfly

IMG_0044-White Rose of Sharon Bloom
This photo of a white Rose of Sharon blossom was actually shot a year ago.

This pink one, though, was taken yesterday.

We had just had a rain shower, and some of the droplets are clinging to the blooms.

This dragonfly posed on our azalea bush long enough for me to shoot several photos of him.

There's almost a rainbow effect created by the light on his translucent wings.


  1. Oh my goodness, that Rose of Sharon is like an angel, it's just beautiful! ... and the dregonfly looks like a little man, incredible photo's :o)

  2. What a cooperative dragonfly! And that Rose of Sharon looks almost too perfect to be real. Fabulous shots!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful flowers Linda. That third one is special.

  4. You have a Meadowhawk, but i would have to see more angles to see which one. A real treasure for sure.I have never had the Rose of Sharons but they always catch my eye when i pass them.

  5. Deborah - Thanks for the kind comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the blossoms and dragonfly.

    Ethelmae - The dragonfly really was cooperative. He would fly away, circle, and come back. He was much more cooperative than the butterflies around here. :)

    Holdingmoments - Thanks so much, Keith. Considering some of your flower photos, your praise means a lot.

    Out on the prairie - Thanks for identifying my little subject, Steve. I should have tried for a better picture of his head, for more definite identification, but I was afraid I'd freak him out. Next time...

  6. Beautiful images.I always look for that rainbow in their wings,it is so cool.

  7. Thanks, Ruth. I'd never photographed a dragonfly before and had never seen that rainbow effect going on in their wings. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

  8. VERY nice with the dragon fly! Beautiful flowers, I don't think I've ever heard of a Rose of Sharon. I don't have much of a green thumb. :)

  9. Thanks, Elizabeth. We don't really have green thumbs, either. The rose of sharon is a rather large bush that begins blooming in July and continues to bloom throughout the rest of the summer. We used to have more than the two bushes, but some of them were crowded out by some of our other shrubs. We don't plant anything that requires human attention. :)

  10. Beautiful images, Linda. I love those roses and dragonflies have a special place in my heart. Thanks for these lovely photos.

  11. Hilary - I was always afraid of dragonflies...the way they buzz around so erratically and want to land on people. But, through your blog, I learned that they are harmless. So then I was eager to try to get a photo of one. I finally found one cooperative enough. :)

  12. Great pix! Do I see a little tiny thread tying the dragon fly's little leg to the branch? Maybe not. :)

  13. Sandra - I couldn't get the string to stay on his little leg, but the Superglue on the branch seemed to do the trick. :)


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