Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and That

Here are a few photos taken during the past week or so.

It's hard to see, but there's a praying mantis in the photo above.

Here it is before we put it on the azalea bush. Doug was sweeping up in the garage and this little guy had gotten swept up in the debris. When Doug saw it, he rescued it, taking it outside where it could hide in the bushes.

From the cemetery across the road from our house, we can see some of the many wind turbines that are part of a wind farm that's being developed a few miles away.

Doug called me outside about nine o'clock last night to see some of the interesting clouds in the evening sky. This was taken from our driveway, looking northwest.

This was taken from the cemetery across the road, looking south.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Linda, especially the last two.. That is a GORGEOUS sky...Wow!!!!

  2. I don't think I would have seen that praying mantis if you'd hadn't pointed it out and I took a second look! Amazing clouds. Summer months really bring some interesting skies.

  3. Love that bug, what a nice find.I like those clouds, I sat out and watched two fronts pass me by this afternoon out at the lake.

  4. Thanks, Betsy. God is quite the artist, isn't He?

    Elizabeth - I knew the praying mantis was there, and I could hardly see him. It stays light so late in the summer. It's hard to believe those pictures, especially the one with the horses, were taken so late last night.

    Thanks so much, Ruth.

    Thanks, Steve. Enjoy your sky watching at the lake.

  5. What gorgeous sky photo's, I always think nature out-does anything we can do...and what a dear little creature!

  6. Thank you, Deborah. I'm getting my husband trained to call me when he sees anything photo that little praying mantis. :)

  7. Some lovely skies, Linda.. love that last photo. And so nice of Doug to rescue that little critter.

  8. Thanks, Hilary. Yeah. Doug's a softie at heart. :)


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