Saturday, October 09, 2010

Autumn has come to the reservoir

It was good to be back walking at the reservoir this morning after a couple of weeks away.

This is a Belted Kingfisher. I'm sorry the picture isn't sharp. I had to zoom in from some distance away.

Milkweed Pod
I think this little daisy-like flower is Boltonia.

We loved seeing the yellow aspen out west, but it was good to come home to the variety of fall colors that are common in Indiana.
The reservoir is a great place for people to exercise their dogs, especially those of the swimming variety.
And this dog was definitely of the swimming variety.
She looked as if she could have done this all day.
She was very well trained, though. She brought her toy back to her human, then sat at her human's side, even after the toy was thrown back into the water, until the okay was given for her to go after it. Then it was as if she was launched from a catapult.
I'm going to miss the reservoir when it closes for the season next Friday.


  1. That first image of the Kingfisher is a wonderful shot. The colours are beautiful.. the bird enchanting. I always have a hard time trying to photograph them. I find them skittish and camera-shy.. and oh so frustrating. You've captured a beauty. And this pooch reminds me of Benny. Tireless and water-loving. I wonder if this guy wants to dry off on her person's lap too. ;)

  2. He may be better trained than Akela but he couldn't possibly enjoy the "fetching more than her! :)

  3. Hilary-That Kingfisher was gorgeous, but he wouldn't let me get close enough for a good shot. This was taken with a 20x zoom. Sometimes I can get clear shots with that much zoom, but this wasn't one of them. Even though you say you have a hard time photographing them, it seems to me that I've seen a lovely Kingfisher among your photos. I do think the reservoir dog would have a lot in common with Benny. I wonder if she chases bubbles, too.

    Sandra-I've never seen a dog that enjoyed fetching more than Akela, but this one may have come close. She certainly had Akela's intense stare as she waited for the next throw.

  4. You have some very interesting blogs.
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  5. José Ramón-Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

  6. Awwww you know she reminds me of the Biscuit!!! Good way to burn that puppy energy. Welcome home Auntie Linda! :-)

  7. Beckie-She DOES look like Biscuit, doesn't she? I hadn't seen it before you mentioned it.

  8. Here is some additional information about the dog I photographed at the reservoir, sent to me by her owner:

    Jewel is a Yellow Lab and will be 2 on the 20th of this month. She is still very puppy like! (It is often said that Labs do not fully get their brains until they are 4 yrs old!)

    Jewel is learning how to do water retrieves- which is what we were doing the day you took her picture. She will need to know this as part of the things she will need to know to earn her Hunting titles. (She is from hunting dog lines.)

    Jewel also has already earned her beginners Obedience titles in both AKC (American Kennel Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club). She officially holds a “Companion Dog” Title now.
    She also has her beginners Rally Obedience titles in both AKC and UKC. We are now training towards the next level in Obedience (Companion Dog Excellent- CDX), and will begin to do some Agility this spring.


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